Just a guy who has a difficult time staying focused on one thing at any given moment. My brain is always one step ahead of where I am. I’ve had a few wildly interesting careers and plenty of outdoors adventures. Having lived in many parts of Canada and visited most regions, I can honestly say there isn’t one place I like over another. Some of these jobs and locations provide inspiration for settings and events in my writing.

I tried my hand at painting and was lucky enough to have some works placed in the Stephenville Community Centre in Newfoundland. I find writing to be much more fun, being able to channel some of my internal conflicts, desires, and aspirations in character interactions. There has to be room for a few smiles thrown in to keep characters grounded. I’ve got plenty more ideas and even have a few outlines completed. As long as writing doesn’t feel like work, I’ll keep at it.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I wrote an epic poem in middle school, which got posted in the yearbook. I’ve kept journals and plot notes for years but finally, in 2015, I submitted the first piece that was published.

Q: Are your stories based on real-life experiences?

A: Nothing I’ve written so far is biographical in nature. Most have some aspects of my own reality and life experiences. These hopefully provide a sense of realism. I read a critique of one of my stories that said, in essence, "real life and love doesn’t move that fast." In my personal experience, it did move that fast. My grandmother was extremely religious, and I’ve seen how friends had been marginalized by family for being gay.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Short answer: pretty much anywhere and at any time. Through work, play, downtime and socializing, I see situations that force my brain to build backstories and create narratives to expand upon them. Sometimes just hearing a foghorn or being caught in a snowstorm, seeing wildlife, or the scent of spring can inspire the setting.

Q: Where is one place you’d like to visit?

A: South Africa. I have a very good friend who lives there, and while we keep in touch daily with Whatsapp, it just isn’t the same. He was a field guide for adventure seeking tourists. I’ve got a story bubbling in my brain but would like to get some context to put it into words.

Q: If we’re buying, what are you having?

A: A local pub makes the second best mac & cheese I’ve ever had. (My grandmother made the best.) So mac & cheese with a pint of Alexander Keith’s Ale would be my choice.

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