Finding Thomas's Soulmate (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 26,726
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Thomas McDougal has a family who is determined to find him a partner. Early efforts resulted in Warren Banfield coming into contact with the family. A friendship developed and evolved quickly. They shared camping, a sudden snow squall, and survived another family scheme, but it was their hidden love for each other that drove them apart.
A scheme by Thomas’s mother, which involves a stripper and a surprise birthday party, topped by a hiker hoping for a quickie before his partner comes to join him for the weekend, makes Thomas realize that he is miserable without Warren. It takes a monumental effort by Thomas’s brother and his boss, Valerie, to try to make something obvious to most everyone evident to a pair of stubborn, lovesick men.
Their journey includes stargazing, breakfast sharing, and sticky sleeping bag antics, but eventually, with the help of the mayor of the city, can two stubborn men realize that they are madly in love with each other?
A Siren Erotic Eomance.
Finding Thomas's Soulmate (MM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Finding Thomas's Soulmate (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 26,726
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Robbie looked at his plate while Jill kept glancing at Warren and Thomas as she tried to piece together a puzzle in her head.

Mr. McDougal spoke up. “I guess I’m old fashioned, but just what exactly is a BFF?”

Thomas piped up. “Best Friend Forever, Dad. Robbie and Jill are most definitely that. And BFF’s share everything, right, Jill?”

The dinner conversation steered to less uncomfortable topics, and after dessert, Warren helped clear the table. Robbie, Jill, and Thomas went to the living room to sit and chat.

“I told Warren you would give him a ride home later. You did invite him, after all. I’ll give Jill a lift when we’re ready to leave.” Robbie glared at him, while Jill just smiled.

“Warren, thank you so much for helping me with the dishes. You’re such a pleasant young man. I hope we get to see more of you.”

“It was my pleasure, Mrs. McDougal. You have a lovely family, and I do appreciate the hospitality. Mine is too far away to enjoy regular visits with, so this was a real treat.”

When Warren joined the others in the living room it only took one quick look to know that Robbie was hoping this day would hurry up and end. When it finally came time for them to go to their respective homes, Jill linked arms with Thomas and looked at her husband.

“I’ll chat with you later, BFF. You and Warren have a good time. Oh, and Warren, he’s not a night owl, so don’t keep him out too late.”

“He’s safe with me, Jill. See you, Thomas. Thanks for a great day, Mr. and Mrs. McDougal. I really enjoyed meeting you all.”

Robbie watched as his wife and brother drove off. They got in his car and Warren sat in the middle of the seat. He rubbed Robbie’s arm before he buckled in.

“Relax, tiger. I won’t bite unless you want me to. When your brother brought back my shirt, he said you were pretty drunk, and probably didn’t remember much of Friday. I do hope at least some of our date got lodged in your grey matter, somewhere.”

Robbie started the car. “I have an early day tomorrow. I’ll just take you home if you give me directions. I hope I didn’t promise you anything Friday that I can’t deliver. I feel so damn stupid, drinking like that. I mean, I enjoyed your company…I think. And we got our nipples pierced.”

“No, Rob, you got your nipple pierced. I gave that to you as a gift. Crap, I guess when you said you were a virgin I thought you wanted to give it up for me.” He nearly laughed out loud. “So, we’re not going to date?”

“Warren, I have a confession to make. Jill is my wife, not just a BFF. I went to the bar to try to find a boyfriend for my brother.” As he spoke, he thought he vaguely recalled saying all this before, but shrugged it off. “We can be friends and my folks really like you, so you’d be welcome to join us anytime. I just can’t be more than that. I’m sorry for leading you on.”

“Relax, Robbie, I figured there was more to you and Jill when I saw you together. Thanks for the dinner invite, and yeah, I hope to see more of you and your family.”

Rob dropped Warren off, and just as he was about to get out, Warren leaned over and gave him a deep kiss on the lips.

“Just for old time’s sake, or one for the road, or whatever the expression is.” Warren watched Rob drive off, then turned to walk towards Thomas’s house. He was leaning against the fence when the car pulled up a short time later. They looked at each other and began to laugh.

“It was perfect.” Thomas wiped a tear from his eye, looked at Warren, and they both fell apart again. “Jill is an intelligent lady. She suspects something but didn’t say much. Come on in, have a beer. We have a camping trip to plan.” Thomas really liked spending time with Warren so he used the beer and planning as an excuse to keep him around just a bit longer. He sighed a bit louder than intended and just shrugged when Warren glanced over at him. This was definitely a time he envied his brother’s body-type.

Warren heard the sigh from Thomas and wondered if he made the beer offer just to be polite. Still, he liked being with the guy, even knowing Thomas had no intention of pursuing a relationship with anyone. This gave him an excuse to hang out just a bit longer. He briefly wondered if his friend’s aversion to having a partner was permanent or just for now. He hoped that, if nothing else, they would at least be friends for a long time.




The wind whipped the tent, and sudden cold woke both men. Thomas glanced out to see snow being driven by strong wind. The tent was small, but it was a three-season, heavy-duty model that could withstand a squall. It was well anchored, so in no danger of blowing loose.

“Let’s zip our sleeping bags together to make a double size. We can share body heat to stay warm until this clipper blows through.” Warren hoped Thomas would realize he wasn’t trying to start something with the suggestion.

“Good idea. I was thinking I’d freeze my nads off digging out my thermal underwear. Your idea will take less time.”

They got the bags zipped together, and listened as the wind howled through the trees. Everything was secured, so they weren’t worried about losing the food or hammocks. Their combined body heat had them toasty warm, and the raging storm lulled them both to sleep once again.

It must have been the silence that woke Thomas. It was still dark, but the wind had stopped. He was on his back, and Warren was pressed tight against him, with his left leg draped over Thomas. He felt a very hard lump pressing into his thigh, and his own erection was trapped under Warren’s leg. He groaned as his arousal grew but he was unable to move without waking Warren. He let his arm slide down by his side, and the back of his hand brushed over the erection that pressed against him. It responded to the touch, and Warren moaned. Thomas froze as he tried not to wake him, but he really wanted to touch some more. He began to feel like a pervert, taking advantage of a sleeping friend. He sighed and rolled to face away from Warren. He dozed off again but woke later when he felt an arm over his shoulder, a warm body pressed against his back, and that damn boner prodding him once again. Dawn was breaking, and there was diffused light—just enough to make out features inside the tent. Thomas rolled onto his side facing Warren and saw that the man’s eyes were open, and he had a wide grin.

“This is perfect. I could sleep like this every night for the rest of my life.”

Thomas frowned and said, “I probably could as well, if I didn’t have a boner poking me. That must have been some dream. I’d like to hear about it some time.”

Warren figured he’d crossed a line with Thomas. He mumbled an apology, and rolled away to the side of the sleeping bag, leaving cool air to fill the space between them. He wanted to kiss those perfect lips and ravish that beautiful body, but he wanted to keep the friendship more. He hoped he hadn’t ruined it as he drifted off to sleep once again. He woke when an arm slung over his shoulder. He felt fingers idly tease a nipple through his T-shirt, and a large erection prodded his backside. He rolled over to see Thomas smiling.

I could sleep like this, every night, for the rest of my life.” He wiggled his eyebrows, and leaned forward to put his forehead against Warren’s. He rubbed a palm down the broad chest, over the tight abdomen, into the sleep pants, and found an equally impressive erection. The men rubbed noses together, felt the scruff of the other’s face as they slid cheek to cheek, but neither initiated a kiss. They both felt that it would be too intimate and since they weren’t lovers, it seemed wrong. They each undressed and embraced naked, with dripping cocks and teasing fingers frantically driving towards the peak of ecstasy. Warren came first, moaning, but as soon as the hot, wet semen coated Thomas’s cock, he lost it and began ejaculating, covering them both with his abundant load.

“I guess we both get the wet spot.” Warren grinned, and pulled Thomas to him in a tight hug, ignoring the warm wetness between them. “Oh, and the dream you asked about, the one that caused the boner… it just came true.”

Once again, the pair drifted off into a short but peaceful sleep. Both men were surprised by what happened, but neither tried to read anything into it. It must happen often, when horny gay friends were suddenly thrown into an intimate situation.

The snow quickly melted as the morning moved towards noon. The guys made sure everything was set to dry in the warming breeze before they packed up for the hike out. They filled in the latrine and packed their kits after they ate.

They decided to make the best of the day and settled on a side trip into Banff Township to enjoy a soak in the hot spring. Each tried to discreetly admire the other in the shower afterward. They figured it would be fun to cap the weekend off by having dinner together. Thomas suggested a new place downtown that he had tried and enjoyed, so it was set. He dropped Warren off and went home to change and unpack. Warren did the same,and came by to pick up Thomas a couple of hours later.

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