Jordan Ashley lives in a tourist trap near the lake in Ohio where the winters are like a ghost town and colder than she cares for, and the summers are crowded and the traffic sucks.

A divorced mom of three children, cat owner to a spoiled rotten Mainecoon, and soul mate to a self proclaimed werewolf, she spends most of her time devoted to them. As a teenager before the ‘hellions’ were born she found these voices in her head that just wouldn’t quiet and so began her love for writing. She listened to every word and finished her first novel before she was eighteen. She didn’t embrace her ‘naughty’ side until her marriage began to get rocky and suddenly many other options existed for her writing.

She found comfort in these new worlds that opened up before her, and found an outlet in them during the harshest parts of the separation. Now that her dream of being published has been brought to reality she cannot wait to reveal all these crazy characters to the masses, hoping they will love them as much as she does.

Jordan’s passion is her writing, but she also enjoys getting lost in fantastic worlds on TV. Her favorites include Game of Thrones, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. She is inspired by people in her life, and situations she or her friends find themselves in. She also has a secret (not so secret) addiction to Facebook and coffee – which she takes in 16oz mugs with inspirational quotes on them.

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Q: What is a typical day like for you?

A: Well, with me nothing is "typical." Each day is different as I don’t have a set schedule for my day job. Most mornings I’m woken up by my boyfriend getting home from work, or I’m waking up to get ready for work. I’ll see my girls on the bus and either head out for work, or will settle in for revisions while my son watches Disney. I’ll procrastinate on Facebook for far longer than is necessary until mid afternoon when I’ll finally start actually writing, then the girls get home, and I focus on them and housework until bedtime, in which I sit down revise again and write more before going to sleep. Work days it’s pretty much the same routine except add in 4 – 7 hours of being a cashier too. Fridays I work on my home candle business, and every other Saturday I go out and do something fun with the kids. Come August it’ll get even more hectic for me as I’m starting school for massage therapy.

Q: What started your writing journey?

A: When I first read L. J. Smith’s trilogy Dark Visions, I wrote out my very first fan fiction. I put my friends into the journey the characters found themselves in, but took a few twists the book did not. Eventually it went under about six revisions, and it’s my first baby that I’m still tweaking to get just right before sending it off to publish as well. I didn’t get into erotica until my marriage started really falling apart, and it was a great comfort to me during some really dark periods of my life. With finding that genre I found myself again, and it really started the healing process for me in dealing with my divorce and being a single mom. It opened up the light inside of me again, and let me believe in true love and soul mates again. I truly hope that my new found belief in both of those shines through in each book I write and release.

Q: Where did the inspiration for your Club Aries series come from?

A: At a reader’s convention in 2012, I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down and talking to the cover models, one of which I was able to really lose myself in the fantasy that I created in All the Difference. It was meant, at first, to be a one shot deal. Then the following year I allowed one of the other models, whom I have the honor of calling my friend, read the first chapter. He knew instantly who I modeled Diego after, and then asked me if I would ever write a story for him. I figured, yeah, why not? And then Adrian was born. But with him came Nicolas, Travis, Vincent, and Jason as well, and I just knew as I was editing All The Difference, and writing Chivalry Isn’t Dead that I had to tell their stories too.

Q: What do you need to write?

A: The laptop is a big thing. I can write with a notebook and a pen, but it’s so much easier, and faster to get my thoughts out on a keyboard. Music is another, it helps set a mood, or call on a character. I always need something to snack on and drink beside me too. Kettle corn popcorn is an excellent writing snack.

Q: What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?

A: I’ve gotten back into watching WWE—professional wrestling—BIG TIME since getting together with the werewolf. I also watch Total Divas every Sunday too. Sebastian and Shawn – you meet them in Travis’s story - were inspired by two wrestlers. The sheer power of Roman Reigns for Shawn, and C.M. Punk’s snark was perfect for Sebastian. I actually see a spin off series in the future for Aries with character inspiration from the Divas!

Q: What’s something that would surprise people to learn about you?

A: I’m quirky and extremely eclectic. I think that might come from the voices in my head, being that I like so many different things, from my music tastes to my clothing. My favorite color changes day to day as well. Generally it’s purple, but I’ll fluctuate to green, blue and red. I’ll be listening to 90’s boy bands one day, and ‘screamo’ rock the next. I’ll be watching a sappy RomCom one day, and Machinima Red Vs Blue within an hour, then on to a paranormal show like The Dead Files or Ghost Adventures. I was also part of a table-top gaming group based in White Wolf’s New World of Darkness.

Q: Do you ever put people or places from your life into your writing?

A: Oh yeah! In All The Difference, there’s a reference to an ex-boyfriend of Jamie’sSay hello to my ex-husband! Nashville itself is a place I fell in love with while I visited a lot in 2012. Diego’s home’s location is based on a place I visited a lot. There’s a scene in book three that one of my best friends actually lived through. There’s a boy in book six, Nicolas’ story that’s inspired by my son.

Q: Which one of your characters can you relate to the most?

A: Actually I put a little piece of myself into each of my female leads. Jamie is the most like me in mentality and looks. I made her to the epicenter - the matron - of the Aries family, and more truly a person I strive to be. All the leads in my books have a lot of me in them. My first babythe lead is strong and confident, two things I needed to find in myself. In my coven booksthe coven leader is strong, powerful, and an amazing mother.

Q: Do you do your own ‘research’ for your sex scenes?

A: Yes and no? haha! I do in that my werewolf will get the kindling lit in order for me to write a love scene. Though the internet is very helpful when it comes to inspiration for certain scenes, although Travis – book three – his sexual appetite was something I had experienced first-hand before the werewolf. I just knew that experience was going to come out sooner or later in a character.

Q: Is there any advice you have to give to aspiring authors?

A: Plenty of advice, but at the risk of getting too long winded, I’ll try to keep it simple. No matter if you’re published or not, you are an author. You put words down into a document and are telling a story, whether it’s finished or not. Don’t forget that. No matter how many rejections you get, look for the criticism, and use it as a benefit. You will get that yes eventually, because if you truly believe in your writing, so will someone else. I almost gave up on having my dream realized, but I knew that if it was truly a dream I could never give up on it. If I gave up on it, it was not a dream with having realized. Write whenever you can, whatever you can. A word or a sentence a day is always better than nothing.

Q: What’s next for your writing?

A: Lots more books within the Club Aries series, I’m currently working on the next installation, and you can expect up to ten books for the guys where you’ll still get to see even Diego and Jamie’s lives coming together through them all. After that, the sky’s the limit. I have a paranormal series I’m hoping to someday release with Siren, and after that—the first novel I finished, along with many, many other books. I’m just getting started, so keep your eyes open for many more releases from me!

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