[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M, vampires, werewolves, HEA]
Bridgid Kerr was a war hero, fighting alongside those in the veiled supernatural community to keep their existence secret from the mortal world. She never expected to find the love that existed within Roman Sheppard and Benjamin Harris. A chance meeting in Ireland had her by their sides and in their bed, enjoying the comfort of their fire and ice touch. Yet when it was time to return home, Benjamin walked away from them, leaving Roman cold and Bridgid heart-broken.
Years later, Bridgid’s little sister returns home with Benjamin following behind. He still hasn’t given up his role as a Marshal, and despite finding out that he is there to bring her sister in on murder charges, she can’t let go of the love she truly has never lost. Danger waits at every turn and Roman and Benjamin must learn to bury the hatchet and come together for the sake of the woman they both love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Destiny (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Benjamin let out a groan and shook his head. For a moment, Bridgid thought he would truly deny her before he spoke. “I was sent here to bring back a girl who committed the murder of a mortal Judge.”

Bridgid slowly shook her head and looked up at him sadly. “Ben, how do you know she’s guilty?”

A soft chuckle escaped his lips, and he reached out to take hold of her hand. “Bridgid, The Council instructed me to bring her in. They do not wrongly accuse anyone, you know this.”

Bridgid knew he was right in believing that. If it hadn’t been her sister of all people she would just drop it and let it go. But she knew Deanna. She knew her sister would never be able to harm a living creature, let alone a mortal. “I used to know that, Ben. I used to know that before they accused my sister of murdering someone.”

“Bridgid, I do know that it is your sister. You know as well as I that I cannot let her go without facing consequences. If there is no substantial evidence proving her innocence, I have to do my job.”

“What evidence is there proving she’s guilty?” Bridgid snapped back, glaring at him as she got off the log and moved a few paces away from him. “What could there possibly be to prove my sister was the one that did it?”

“Security cameras outside showing her breaking into the home. Then right about the judge’s time of death, she raced out of the house. We all know she has the power of elasticity, and Halloway was strangled to death. All evidence points to her. What would you have me do, Bridgid? I cannot possibly tell The Council they are accusing the wrong person.”

“Why not? Why can’t you write to them and tell them there is evidence here that she’s innocent?”

Benjamin raised an eyebrow at the Witch then and smirked. “Because there is not.”

“What if there is?” she pleaded, moving over to him to grip hold of his hand. “What if you found evidence?”

“Do you have any, Bridgid?”

“Well, no. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any! You’re just not looking hard enough.”

The Vampire narrowed his gaze on her, his look incredulous. “You must be joking, Bridgid. Do you not recall to whom you are speaking? Do you not remember how you and I left no stone unturned during the war?”

“Of course I remember that, Ben, but what research have you done? Will you please do me this one favor and just wait? Look at what’s really going on, Ben, because my sister would never kill anyone. She doesn’t have it in her to kill.”

Benjamin ran a hand through his hair, letting out another heavy sigh. “Bridgid, can we please not talk about this? I wanted to spend time with you, catching up with you, not talking about your sister.”

“One last thing, and then I promise I’ll shut up,” Bridgid said, then waited for his nod before she continued. “She believes her friend Ross was framed. What if the same thing happened to her? There are beings that can glamour. That can weave spells onto the mind. Will you please consider that everything is not quite as black and white as you think it is? For me?”

She knew she had him with the last two words she spoke, and he slid down onto the mossy ground, holding his hand out to her. “I will consider the options if you will join me and refrain from speaking of Deanna.”

Bridgid drew in a deep breath, having realized how shallow she had been breathing previously. “Thank you,” she said, moving over to him to allow him to pull her down onto the ground and wrap his arm around her shoulders. Being there by his side was as if no time had passed. If she closed her eyes she could picture a campfire and a tent in which the three of them slept together. “Leaving you in New York was the hardest thing I’d ever done before,” she whispered before looking up at him.

Benjamin gave her a weak smile and reached up to brush her hair back, then pressed his palm to her jawline. “Watching the both of you walk away tore my heart asunder. I will not lie and say that everything has been fine without you in my…” He trailed off and chuckled softly. “I would say life, but perhaps existence is more fitting.”

“I’ve missed you,” Bridgid confessed and reached up, mimicking his touch as her thumb caressed his cheek. His cool skin was rough from the perpetual five o’clock shadow he sported as a Vampire. “I’ve missed you so much, Ben.” She moved so she was straddling his lap, pressing both hands to the sides of his face as she leaned into him.

Bridgid’s heart soared and butterflies took flight in her stomach when Benjamin met her halfway, their mouths meeting with a desperation of parted lovers. Her hands moved to grip on to the short, dark strands of hair on the back of his head, angling her mouth to deepen the kiss. She couldn’t help a soft moan that escaped her lips against his mouth, and he moved one hand from her hair down her back to pull her tighter against him. She had missed his strength, his grip, his kiss, so much different than Roman’s. She was always able to slow down with Benjamin while Roman lit the fire within her and sent her spiraling out of control.

After a moment he broke the kiss and she could feel his smile even though they were inches apart. She knew it was there, because it was plastered on her lips as well. “You must come to the house soon.”

“If only to not scare off your sister while…” He trailed off, pausing a moment before relenting to her previous demand yet again. “While I look for more evidence, it is best that I do not join you in your home. I made a promise to you, Bridgid, and I will do everything in my power to uphold that promise.”

If there was one thing Bridgid absolutely loved about Benjamin it was that he was a man of his word. Once he made a promise, he absolutely held himself to it, no matter what the cost to himself. “Soon?”

“One can only hope,” he said, pulling her back to kiss her again.




Even with Benjamin at the kitchen table across from her sensing her sudden arousal Bridgid couldn’t help spinning in the chair and pushing herself up and out of it. Roman met her in the middle and pulled her to him, crashing his lips to hers as he turned and pinned the Witch to the island.

The urgency in his kiss almost made Bridgid explode right there and then. His hands moved over her body, grasping and groping, pulling and tugging on her clothing. His mouth moved to her neck to nip gently and then he sucked on the skin there. The Werewolf crushed himself to her, and she couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips.

Then a pair of cold hands was pulling Bridgid from Roman’s hot embrace. Unyielding lips crashed against hers, cooling the fever that Roman had ignited, yet replacing it with a cold chill that wound its way through her and settled in her already clenching pussy. Bridgid was rooted to the spot, her body moving up against his, and then the heat returned to her back. Roman’s hands were moving around Bridgid’s stomach, lifting her shirt, his hot hands moving over the Witch’s bare skin.

She broke Benjamin’s kiss and leaned her head back on Roman’s shoulder, reveling in their fire-and-ice combined touch. She couldn’t tell how long Benjamin’s cold lips pressed against her neck and throat, or when her shirt came over her head to allow both of the men to fondle her aching breasts. Roman was cupping and massaging while Benjamin’s cold tongue licked and sucked her hard nipples. Moans escaped Bridgid’s lips, her back arched, and her body begged for more. It had been far too long since she had been treated to it, and she was suddenly desperate for everything she knew they had to offer.

Benjamin’s hands moved over Bridgid’s thin, satin pants. She could feel the cool of his skin through the material as his hands moved over her thighs. He then slowly moved his hand up between her legs, caressing her clit through the fabric, bringing forward moans that only she had given herself in the last two weeks.

Bridgid couldn’t take any more of their teasing her, and stepped on the cuff of her pants, to pull them down off her. The Witch brought her arms back, holding on to Roman as she brought her legs up, wrapping them around Benjamin’s waist. He bent his head back to Bridgid’s breasts, lavishing them with his cool touch as she brought Roman’s hot mouth back to hers, driving her tongue against his. She tugged on his hair, moaning against his lips as she felt Benjamin’s hard cock against her, the blood bond they shared making it all the better as she felt him both emotionally and physically. She ground her pussy against Benjamin, holding the Vampire tightly against her, moving herself against him, driving the both of them crazy.

Bridgid held on to Roman with one hand as she felt both of her men supporting her between them, and moved her other hand down Roman’s stomach, and into the waistband of his sweatpants. The Werewolf groaned and bucked slightly against her hand as she gripped on to his dick roughly, running her hand along the length of him as he became even more aroused by her movements. Bridgid felt Benjamin pull away from her slightly, forcing her legs to drop down to the floor. She pulled her mouth away from Roman, and frowned at him. “What?”

Benjamin pulled the Witch up against him, driving his tongue into her mouth. His cold hands roamed over her body, pulling her down the hallway to the stairs. She felt Roman’s hands grab hold of her, and he pulled her back and pinned Bridgid against the wall, his hand moving instantly between her legs, stroking the fire that was building inside of her as he moved his fingers up into her wet pussy. Bridgid leaned against the wall heavily and gripped hold of his shoulders before ripping his shirt over his head to let her nails rake down his chest. Benjamin once again appeared at her side, and she felt his hand moving down her back, over her ass, and between her legs from behind. His fingers joined Roman’s for a moment before the heat was removed from her, then began rubbing her clit quickly as Benjamin’s fingers moved in and out of Bridgid’s cunt rapidly. The Witch gripped on to both of them, screaming out as she almost passed out from the intensity of it all as her first orgasm ripped through her.

It seemed to go on forever, neither of them backing off as Bridgid’s pussy walls clenched around Benjamin’s fingers. Her hips moved back and forth, grinding herself down against their hands. She panted and whimpered the longer her orgasm washed over her. Bridgid screamed out for the both of them as the release only seemed to build higher and higher on itself. The ecstasy was a sweet reminder of days long past, and Bridgid failed to see how being with just one of them could have ever truly satisfied her. The both of them working together was incredible, and ignited things within her that had been left dormant for so long.

Roman was always the aggressor in bed, Benjamin the gentleman. She submitted to Roman, and dominated Ben. With the two of them, she was demanding, vulgar, and willingly submitted to the both of them at once.

Once she finally started coming down from the high they’d given her, Bridgid felt arms surrounding her and she wasn’t sure whose they were but only seconds later her back hit the wall at the top of the stairs. Roman’s brown eyes met her own, and she felt him enter her roughly. The Witch cried out loudly, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and bit onto his neck. She met Benjamin’s dark eyes as he came up the stairs and moved into the master bedroom. Her head fell back against the wall as the sensations of her Mate moving in and out of her brought her close to the edge again, then she heard Benjamin’s voice in her ear. “Bring her.” 

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