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Hi. My name is Katrina and I've been a writer for as long as I knew what it was to write. I've been writing this type of fiction for five years now, but I've been a connoisseur of it for over two decades. I discovered romance novels as a teenager when my sister and I devoured bags of Harlequin paperbacks and Georgette Heyer regency romances during a long (read interminable) cross-country car ride. Scenery, what scenery? I was more into the panorama of ruggedly handsome heroes sweeping away the naive younger heroines in the pages before me. Once I graduated into the Bertrice Small's and Johanna Lindsay's, there was no going back! I was a certified Bodice Buster addict. And the one true element of any decent romance was a masterful lover turning the feisty heroine over his knee for a well-earned spanking. There is something so appealing about a strong man showing that he cares in such a hands-on manner. When the spankings dwindled from the romances, so did my interest. Threats just didn't do it for me, there had to be the pay-off. Occasionally I would write a spanking scene for my own gratification and then quickly tear it up into confetti before anyone accidentally found it and discovered my kink. What a joy it was to discover spanking fiction on the Internet. And especially finding all of the wonderful writers featured on Discipline and Desire. I'm so happy to be a part of such a great group. My work is in accounting but writing will always be my passion. I mostly write short fiction and poetry, but I am currently working on a mainstream novel. I love reading romantic stories that feature spankings and I'm happy to finally be writing them (and not tearing them up). I live in New Jersey with my incredible fifteen-year old son, Adam the turtle, Joe Santiago the turtle, and Tillie and Lily the feline terrors. I hope you'll write and let me know if you like my stories!

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