Kay Hope

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I was born in a very small midwestern town to unique parents that made each and every day an adventure. From the time I could talk I told some of the most elaborate stories. I had quite a number of invisible friends, some of which stayed with me my entire life. All of them have made their way into my books.

I live with my two dogs in a small town in Florida where I spend my days sitting on the porch with my laptop, sipping a glass of sweet tea.

Q. What gave you the idea for your suspense series Danger and Desire?

A. A commercial about the hidden corruption that lurks behind the big oil companies. 


Q: What do you like most about being a writer?

A: I like the idea that the world is mine to mold and create, whatever and whoever, I want. And if I create them and then they refuse to act like the character I think they should be, I can always kill them—and it’s all perfectly legal! It's a whole lot cheaper than therapy to take that annoying person in my life (i.e.: boss, neighbor, bill collector, etc) and write them into a no-win situation in my books. (And friends ask how I can stay so calm and collected—now you know my secret.)


Q: Do you have a specific time or place that you designate just for writing?

A: First thing in the morning in the computer room with a cup of tea and a bagel!


Q: What inspires you to write, or gives you ideas? Music? Art? Movies? World events on thenews?

A: A TV show. A movie. A walk down the street. Once I was on my way home and as I passed a local popular restaurant that put :”Happy Birthday Olivia” on their sign out front, the name Olivia gave me the idea for a book.


Q: Do you currently have any works in progress?

A: Yes, I'm finishing up the second book in our Danger and Desire series. It’s about a retired detective, Jim Chavez, that has lost all hope of every being happy again after the love of his life walks out on him without a word. Just a short note saying goodbye. After a devastating gunshot wound that forces him to retire from the job he loves, Jim moves across the country and meets Cesar Martinez. Life opens up to new possibilities of new love and happiness.

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