Sex and Desire (MM)

Danger and Desire 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,916
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, HEA]

Ex-cop Jim Chavez lost both his lover and his career, and now he wonders if there's a reason to go on. Veterinarian Cesar Martinez has plans for Jim, but first he has to get the man's attention.

A mutual friend plays matchmaker, and things heat up as soon as Jim and Cesar get together. Cesar teaches Jim how to love again and helps him get the position of head of security on a nearby horse ranch. However, things don't always go smoothly. A prize stud is taken under Jim's watch, and Cesar is robbed at gunpoint.

Now that he has a reason to live, Jim finds himself entangled in a plot of drugs, revenge, and family hatred. Together, Jim and Cesar discover who is behind the theft and try to repair a broken family while learning they are meant to be together forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sex and Desire (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Sex and Desire (MM)

Danger and Desire 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,916
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Jim followed Cesar back to his house and parked his truck behind Cesar’s. Without thinking about Maximus, Jim jumped out of his truck and walked toward the house. Halfway to the porch, he felt something cold and wet on his hand. Looking down, he saw Max trotting beside him, sticking his nose onto his fingers.

Jim stiffened. Oh shit, he thought. What the hell was I thinking? Max stood quietly, obviously waiting for Jim to pet him. Cesar came up beside Jim and put his arm around his waist.

“He’s not going to hurt you. Go ahead, pet him. That’s all he wants. Then he’ll go away,” Cesar encouraged him.

Jim reached down, tentatively holding the back of his hand to the dog so he could sniff him. “Be a good boy and don’t eat me,” Jim told Maximus. The dog sniffed and then licked Jim’s hand. He patted the dog on the head. Maximus wagged his tail furiously.

“See that? He likes you. I told you he wouldn’t eat you. He just wants you to pet him.” Cesar gave Jim a reassuring squeeze.

“Maybe he’s not hungry right now,” Jim teased, feeling relieved the dog was friendly.

“He hasn’t eaten today, so if I was you, I wouldn’t turn my back on him. He might just want to taste that sweet ass of yours.”

Cesar patted Jim’s butt and walked toward the porch, leaving Jim alone with Maximus. Jim stared down at the big dog, contemplating whether or not he might just do what Cesar said. Jim backed away from Max and went toward the porch.


* * * *


Cesar couldn’t help but grin as he watched Jim try to keep a wary eye on Max and not fall down as he backed up the steps. “I was kidding, you know. He really won’t bite.”

“Better not to take any chances,” Jim said, hurrying into the safety of the cabin. “Didn’t you say something about grilling some steaks?”

Cesar’s brow shot up. “You are starved, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I am.” Jim’s stomach growled in agreement. “I’ll need my strength for later tonight.” He winked playfully at Cesar.

Cesar pulled him in for a long kiss. “Then I guess I better get that grill started,” he said when he released Jim.

Seeming breathless, Jim sighed. “We’ll continue this after we eat.”

Cesar turned and walked into the kitchen with Jim following close behind him. “You want to grab the tomatoes and cucumbers out of the fridge while I get the grill going?” he asked over his shoulder, then disappeared through the back door.


* * * *


While Jim busied himself making a salad, washing and cutting the veggies, he started to whistle, something he hadn’t done in so long it startled him. It’s nice to be happy again, he thought.

“What are you smiling about?” Cesar asked him when he came into the kitchen carrying a large platter.

“I just realized I’m happy again.” He put down the knife he’d been using on the tomatoes and went to Cesar, putting his arms around him. “You make me happy.”

“I’ve been trying to make you happy for at least six months,” Cesar said. Jim pulled him closer. “But you kept running away.”

Jim’s cheeks reddened. “I kept running away because every time I was near you, I’d get a hard-on.”

Cesar kissed Jim. “I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.” Cesar turned and opened the fridge, pulling out two large steaks. He took the butcher paper off the steaks and grabbed the seasoning from the cabinet. “How do you like your steak? Do you want pepper? What about cayenne pepper? Do you like it spicy or not?”

“Just a little salt and pepper. I get enough spice from you,” Jim said, turning back to the salad.

Cesar walked up behind Jim, grabbing a handful of his ass. “I’d be glad to give you a little spice right now.”

“What about the steaks? I need sustenance.” Jim pouted. “How about some spice for desert?” He turned to face Cesar, pushing himself a little closer, and Cesar’s arms wrapped tightly around him.

“What are we going to do when you move out to Mike’s place? It’s going to make it tough for us to get together,” Cesar said, releasing Jim and stepping back, looking into his eyes.

Jim touched Cesar’s cheek. “I’m not that far away. I’ll be on call 24/7, but that doesn’t mean I can’t leave once in a while. I’ll come over a couple of times a week and there’s no reason you can’t come to Houston’s place. Most of the traveling would be on the weekends, and I don’t think I’d be gone that many weekends.”

“You think you’re going to like working for Mike?” Cesar asked, carrying the steaks out to the grill he’d already got going.

“Yeah, sure. He seemed like a straight-up kinda guy. Says what he means.” Jim opened the fridge and took out a couple of beers, following Cesar out onto the deck. He handed Cesar a beer then flopped down into the nearest chair.

Cesar put the two steaks on the hot grill and twisted off the cap of his bottle and tossed it into a trash can nearby. Maximus paced back and forth on the ground below the deck, watching the steaks with plaintive eyes. Cesar laughed. “You’ll get a piece, Max. Just give it time.”

As if understanding every work his master spoke, Maximus found the nearest shade tree and plopped down on the ground, sighing heavily. His eyes never left the smoke wafting up from the grill.

“He’s a good dog,” Jim said. Lifting the bottle, he drained the beer and tossed it into the same can Cesar had thrown the cap into. “I’m going to have another. Want one?”




Letting go of Jim’s hand, Cesar walked over to the giant hot tub that took up the entire center of the deck. He pushed a button and romantic Latin music started to play quietly. The strains of music floated along on the warm night breeze.

Bathed in silver moonlight, Cesar started to undress. He could almost feel the cares of the day peeling away with his clothing. He looked at Jim. “What are you waiting for?”

Jim slowly took off his shirt, taking his time with each button. Sliding his arms out of the sleeves, he gave the shirt a provocative little flip before dropping it onto the deck. Cesar licked his lips as he watched Jim undress. Jim kicked off his shoes and left them where they landed. With a mysterious smile, he began undoing the button on his jeans, taking what seemed an eternity to Cesar to reveal the package inside. With deliberate slowness, Jim slid the zipper down and wriggled out of his pants. Looking straight at Cesar, he stepped out of them and waited.

Cesar slipped into the warm, swirling water and sat down on one of the plastic molded seats. He sighed with contentment and motioned Jim to come to him. “Come here, Jim, and sit beside me.” Cesar heard his own voice, husky with need, and wondered if Jim could hear it, too. Does he have any idea how badly I want him?

When Jim stepped into the tub, Cesar reached over to the control panel and pushed a button that made the jets shoot hot bubbles from the sides of the fiberglass tub. As Jim settled into the water beside him, Cesar could feel the water bubbling and swirling around them, making his skin feel alive and sensitive to every touch.

Jim put his hand under the water’s surface and lightly touched Cesar’s engorged penis. Cesar sighed and turned to Jim. With his hands holding on to the edge of the hot tub, he positioned one hand on each side of Jim’s shoulders and pushed himself in close until they were just inches from each other. Cesar deliberately held himself a tiny distance away, teasing Jim. “I want to savor this moment,” Cesar whispered, staring into Jim’s eyes. “I love you, Jim.”

Before Jim could say anything, Cesar dropped his mouth and claimed Jim with it. His kiss was passionate and breathless.


* * * *


Jim slid his arms around Cesar’s neck and pulled his hard, muscled body in close. Jim felt himself being lifted into a euphoric state. His body felt lighter, like he would float away if Cesar let him go. He let his mind follow. All his troubles floated away and nothing was left but Cesar.

He opened his eyes and looked deeply into Cesar’s. He saw his life with this gentle man and he sighed. “I love you, too, Cesar. With all my heart.” He took Cesar by the shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. When they broke for air, Jim lowered his head to Cesar's chest, sucking in a nipple and teasing it with his teeth. Cesar groaned softly and dropped his head back against the side of the tub, arching his body for Jim. With a chuckle, Jim sucked harder and moved to the other nipple when Cesar couldn't take any more of his teasing.

Cesar's hand found Jim's fully erect cock and began stroking him. Jim groaned softly, tensing at the incredible feel of Cesar's strong fingers gripping his cock with a lover's possessive touch. Jim loved that Cesar felt so comfortable with him. There was no hesitation in the way he handled Jim. It was as if they had been together always.

Suddenly, Jim realized the tables had turned. He was no longer teasing Cesar. Now he was being teased, and stroked, and cajoled until he surrendered.

 Jim lifted his legs so Cesar could enter him. Wrapping his legs around Cesar, he locked them behind his partner’s back, forcing Cesar’s cock to bury itself inside Jim’s ass.

Cesar groaned and pushed himself in deeper. Jim clamped down on the throbbing cock and Cesar’s body shivered. Jim used his muscles to tease and manipulate his lover’s cock until Cesar could take no more. He pulled back and with one final thrust he came.

Cesar put his forehead against Jim’s until he could catch his breath. “You’re the best, Jim,” he whispered.

“I know.”

Cesar jerked back to look at Jim and they both laughed. Cesar ran his fingertips down Jim’s wet skin, traveling the valley of his chest until he came to the tight six-pack of muscle in his abdomen. From there, he traced the arrow of dark hair that ran to Jim’s semihard cock.

The minute Cesar’s hand grabbed his cock, Jim felt himself harden and begin to throb. Cesar kissed him on the lips for a long, tender moment while his hand stroked Jim up and down. He broke the kiss, but his hand kept stroking in firm, measured jerks. “Your turn now, sweetheart.”


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