Kimberly Adkins

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KimberlyAdkins is an author and artist who spends her spare time working on worm hole theories so she can go back in time and enter Star Gate’s ‘Get in the Gate’ sweepstakes as many times as it takes to win.

Q: Where do you get your ideas for writing?

A: I had a rather nice woman ask me what one of my novels was about recently. As I explained the premise to her, her eyes grew wide and she looked at me like I was an alien before asking me how I could possibly think of anything like that. The truth is most of my stories start out from a dream and in some cases consist the dream in its entirety. I also find that when I am working on a book, I dream about it as well.

Q:  Do you have any other hobbies you enjoy, aside from writing?

A:  I love to paint and find it is a creative outlet to get me moving forward when I am looking for inspiration. My critique partner, and fellow Siren Bookstrand Author, Angela Steed actually owns a painting called ‘Amon’ which goes along with my first Bookstrand release, Blood Evolution.

Q:  Tell us something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know?

A:  I have a Cylon toaster in my kitchen. So far, it hasn’t convinced any of my other appliances to revolt against me and assume control of the destiny of mankind. I guess I’m lucky there. It does burn ‘Frak Off’ onto my toast every morning, though.

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