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I've been making up stories and alternate universes since I was kid. I took my queue from fantastic writers who knew exactly how to spark the imagination and send it soaring to unknown lands. I am beyond blessed to be counted among those lovely dream weavers that inspired me. My love of romance spans the majority of my life. From the good old "bodice rippers" to modern vampire fiction. My love of a good titillating story is as broad as it is deep. I can only hope that my offerings to romance fans is a good testimony of the craft I love so much. Visit her at

Q: What is writing like for you?

A: I start my day out with a good cup of coffee and mental remix of last night's mental acrobatics. I am a night writer out of habit rather than tendency. I often get sudden sparks of genius in the wee hours. No one said the creative spark was convenient and it certainly isn't punctual. Ideas for stories rattle around in my head until I quite simply can't take anymore. The characters must get down on paper or any other important things in my day will simply not get done. At times I have more creativity than discipline and this shows in the current state of my junky desk. You know the mess I am talking about. Just enough room for your arms in front of the keyboard kind of mess. Writing is definitely a calling for me. I gave up thinking of it in terms of a hobby when I finished my first completed story while a term paper due for a history class sat forlorn and uncompleted.

Q: Why Erotica?

A: Why not erotica? I think the complexity of relationships is always fodder for a great story. Add some sexual tension and you have an ideal setting.

Q: If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

A: Wishing I was writing.

Q: What types of stories do you write?

A: I write all kinds! My current story is a contemporary piece but I also enjoy historical and science fiction.

Q: What is your ideal hero like?

A: I have always had a little crush on the “bad guy”. I love the dark and menacing type who needs the love a good woman. These guys are the most fun to write by far for me. I am a firm believer there is no such thing as perfect but just works in progress.

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