Loving Selene (MFM)

The Clay Parish Boys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 75,224
4 Ratings (3.5)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Selene Maynard was born on the wrong side of the tracks. Remy St. Clair and Jacques Dumont come into her young life when she least expects it and watchout for her into her teen years. The young men from the infamous neighboring town of Clay Parish protect her, watch over her, and drive her absolutely nuts. During the summer of her eighteenth birthday everything changes with a kiss. When the opportunity arises for her to leave her desolate beginnings, she takes it and leaves behind all she’s hated but also all she loves.
Ten years later tragedy brings her back to the small town she’s vowed to never return to and the past she’d swore to forget. Jac and Remy have waited a long time for their Selene to come back home and they are determined to show her exactly what she’s missed.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Loving Selene (MFM)
4 Ratings (3.5)

Loving Selene (MFM)

The Clay Parish Boys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 75,224
4 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Good book!




Selene held her breath as Remy gave her the first kiss of her life. His lips took hers so gently, at first only just a pressing of lips, a sweet exchange of breath that left her shaking. A warm glow settled in the pit of her belly and floated there like a mini sun suspended in velvet. Languidness seeped through her limbs like a slow flow of honey. Remy pulled away slowly but his hand slipped down to rest on the side of her neck.

“Now that’s what I call a gateway drug.” Remy’s fingers caressed the smooth skin of her neck, sending another taste of awakening desire through her body. So this is desire, Selene thought dazedly.

Maybe she was like her mother, a whore, a tramp. Her body seemed so quick to react, to need whatever they were offering. According to Denny, her mother couldn’t keep her legs closed to save her life. For a moment the grim thought dampened the kindling fire going on between her thighs but she took flame once more as Remy gently turned her head towards Jac. The sensual smile on his lips was a shadow of the sexual intensity reflected in the beauty of his eyes. His fingers reached up to replace Remy’s at the smooth slope of her throat. One moment he simply gazed into her eyes and the next his mouth was on hers. It was not the gentle coaxing seduction of Remy’s kiss but an aggressive taking that sent her reeling. If Remy was the prelude then Jac was the crescendo, all heat and flame that threatened to consume her. She gasped as his tongue slipped between her lips and teased hers into a slick dance that made her body tremble in a away she’d never imagined or felt. Some innate carnal knowledge as old as time seemed to guide her as their lips slid against each other. She opened her mouth wider to receive him, her own tongue sliding along his in a sensual call and response.

Selene found herself slipping her arms around Jac’s neck, whether to pull him closer or to hold herself up she didn’t know. Remy’s body pressed close from behind, his hands sliding down her back and resting against the swell of her bottom. Her clothes were soaked through so they provided no real barrier between his wandering hands and her sensitized skin. If anything the rough wet material clung to her sensitized skin and only heightened the sensations bombarding her. Even as Jac kissed her, Remy’s voice growled low in her ear, at once encouraging and inciting. Telling her how beautiful she was, how they needed her more than breathing. The combination of his husky voice and Jac’s kiss sent streaks of pure pleasure to the quivering flesh between her thighs. Time ceased to exist and only pleasure of touch and taste ruled them. The intense quiet around them was only punctuated by their breathing and soft plaintiff moans she dimly recognized as her own. She barely felt the tug on her shirt but the sudden feel of warm hands moving along the bare skin of her back seem to wake from the erotic dream she was lost in. Pulling away from Jac’s kiss, Selene tried to catch her breath, find her footing when she felt like she was floating above ground.

“You see, chere? How potent and how dangerous? I’d like nothing better than to give you a real taste of a first time. We both would.” Jac’s voice was gruff, his jaw tightening as if he was fighting his own internal battle. Remy’s hands remained warm on the smooth flesh of her back, his fingers tracing down along her spine in a methodic way that sent waves of liquid heat through her body. Those wandering hands stopped at the waist band of her pants, lingering and barely pressing any further.

Denny’s abusive accusations echoed at the back of her mind as much as she wanted to block them out.

She was so close to actually getting out of Sparks, away from a life that was nothing but living without and making do. She felt like she was at a crossroads. Choose them and step out into an unknown that would leave her stuck in Sparks forever with a broken heart and just as broken promises.

Just like her mother. Fear of that unknown began to take the place of the awakening desire and Selene pulled away from Jac’s drugging embrace. He must have seen the trepidation in her eyes because he pulled completely away from her, putting space between them. Despite the heat of the day she felt chilled at the absence of his body. A quick glance over her head to Remy had the other man pulling away as well.

Selene supposed she should have felt relief but instead she felt lonely in a way that had tears burning at the back of her throat. She should be used to it by now. The morose thought rose unbidden, making her feel even worse. Suddenly she needed to get out of there, get away from them and the empty hungry feeling echoing through her body like a death knell. Grabbing a towel from the truck bed, Selene started to march back down the road they had driven down to get to the river.

“Where do you think you are going, Selene?” Jac’s voice sounded husky as if he seldom used it. Holding her back ramrod straight, Selene kept walking.

“I am going home. What does it look like? I am soaked to the skin and tired of the two of you.” And embarrassed beyond belief but she kept that little gem to herself.

“It’s at least three miles back to the motor home.” This coming from Remy, his voice mirrored her own foul mood. Good, she thought irritably. Why the hell should she be the only one upset? Ignoring his observation of the obvious she kept marching, concentrating on putting as much distance between her and her tormentors as soon as possible. A rustle of movement beyond her was the only warning she got before she found herself lifted from the ground and carried back down the path she’d just come from.




“Fuck this,” Jac growled, wrapping his arms about Selene’s waist and pulling her fully into his arms. His mouth took hers in a savage kiss that left her boneless, just barely able to cling to the muscled hardness of his forearms. She found herself purring at the first possessive sweep of his tongue into her mouth. He licked and teased until she whole hearted welcomed him and he wasted no time in tasting, teasing to his fill. She was with him the whole way, meeting his teasing licks with inciting nips of her own. Poking the bear no doubt but in that moment Selene didn’t care. It had been so long since she’d been touched like this, aroused like this. Those damn letters had her thinking about passion and thwarted desire.

Jac cursed himself all sorts of over eager horny fool but he wasn’t about to let go of the woman in his arms. He hadn’t planned on coming over here for a booty call but the way she looked at him, like she was needing and wanting in a way that he was more than able to handle. He and Remy had purposely put some space between them and Selene, for their sanity more so than hers. He’d told her it was about giving her time to settle her aunt’s affairs but it was also about not acting on their desires when Selene was no doubt dealing with grief and the grim business of closing out what was her aunt’s life. By the fourth day Jac just couldn’t take it anymore. He had to see her despite Remy’s objections. Every good intention he had flew out the window the moment she opened the door. Selene wore a short flowery little sun dress that clung in all the right ways to every one of her beautiful curves.

The sultry Louisiana air made the gauze of her summer dress act like the most delicate cellophane across the pert nipples of her breasts. How the hell was a man supposed to resist that? The next thing he knew she was in his arms and his tongue was in her mouth tasting heaven. The soft mewling moans emanating from her were like the sweetest aphrodisiac. He let his hands slide along her waist to pull her even closer. Jac wanted nothing more than to pull her to the ground and take this to its natural steamy conclusion. The only thing that could make it impossibly hotter would be the presence of Remy. Their combined desire would send them right up in flames. Just the thought of watching his closest friend give Selene pleasure as Jac watched made his cock strain hard against the zipper of his pants. His hips began to grind against Selene, a growling noise was a deep thrum in his chest as his lust ratcheted up.

Selene wanted so badly to lift her leg and wind it about Jac’s hips. The urgent thrust of his hardened erection pressed against her belly made her body go liquid. Her own hips moved in tandem with the gentle grind of his and need settled between her thighs with a throbbing ache. Damn he was a good kisser! Jac was playful and teasing one moment, then demanding and possessive the next. Her hands slid along the wall of his hard chest to his waist until her fingers ran into the heavy leather of his gun belt.

The sudden reminder of where she was jolted her from the sensual dream she was floating in. The moment she started to pull away he released her but the intense gleam in his eyes told her he would gladly finish what they had begun. Selene was right with him on that score but making out with a policeman on the front door step of the house was not how she imagined spending her day. She took another step back, needing the space to process what just happened. Words seemed to escape her and an unfamiliar bout of shyness made it difficult to look him in the eyes.

“Baby girl? Was that too fast for you?” Selene finally looked up into Jac’s eyes. The sensual lover of a moment ago was replaced by the caring friend she was more familiar with, less dangerous. A slow wicked smile spread across his lips.

“I didn’t expect to come here and jump right into your pants. This thing between us seems to have a mind of its own.” He gave a husky laugh, his hands resting on his hips giving him a rakish air.

“Yes…well. I certainly didn’t expect that either. Look…Jac…I…” Jac interrupted before she could finish her sentence.

“Selene, before you give me the 'no way in hell we should get involved' speech, give me the chance to show you differently. I’d like to take you out to dinner tonight. Say I’ll pick you up at eight? ”

Refusal was on the tip of her tongue but a nagging voice in the back of her head asked “what if.” She had to admit to herself that exploring the desire that ignited between them was intensely seductive. If she knew what was good for her she’d say her goodbyes and go back into the house and shut the door. The thing was she should have done that before coming back to Sparks, before reading those damn letters.

“Sure…I’ll go to dinner.” As soon as she said yes Selene had the feeling she just agreed to something more than dinner.

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