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Linda Gayle is the wild soul and pseudonym of a mild-mannered English major who loves exploring strange new worlds and fascinating characters. A pacifist vegetarian, she nevertheless loves reading (and writing) intense blood-and-guts filled action stories spiced with love, sex and romance—the stuff of fantasy and nightmare combined. She lives in New England with her husband, two children and many, many pets.

Q: Do you ever learn anything from writing your books?

A: Yes, I enjoy researching the settings and careers of my characters. I’ve learned quite a bit about places I’ll probably never see for real, but I think that’s half the fun of writing. We get to travel to wonderful, faraway parts of the world–or even other worlds!–in our imagination and take our readers with us.


Q: What part of writing is the most enjoyable for you?

A: I love writing description through the characters’ eyes, because everyone has a different way of seeing their environment or other people. One person might walk into a library and be enchanted by all the books to be read, while another might see all those books and groan with boredom. Getting into my characters’ heads is a lot of fun, and I find by the end of the story, they might have changed quite a bit from the original vision I had for them.


Q. Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser”?

A: I come up with a rough idea and then start writing. Often the characters take me in a different direction than I’d originally imagined, but it’s usually better than my first idea. I’ve found letting the story grow organically from the characters’ motivations and personalities works a lot better for me than plotting down to the smallest point and forcing myself to stick to the outline.


Q. What kinds of books are your favorite to write or to read?

A. Books that push the boundaries are my favorites, whether to write or to read. One thing I appreciate about Siren is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to plots and character combinations. Sometimes the wildest ideas turn into the most memorable stories. Stories with lots of action and passion will always hold my interest.


Q. What are your writing influences?

A. I grew up reading tons of science fiction and fantasy, so the popularity of paranormal and futuristic romances is very encouraging. I enjoy combining the adventure of alternate worlds with the passion and fun of hot romance–that’s the goal I set for myself whenever I sit down to tackle a new book. I hope readers will enjoy the adventure with me!

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