Surrender to Paradise (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,741
5 Ratings (3.6)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, shape-shifters]

Offered five days on a secluded island, Lyric reluctantly agrees. After a failed relationship, Lyric hopes the vacation will help her start anew. Little does she know the island gods have a game afoot, and Lyric’s about to become a key player.

Polynesian warriors Rahiti and Moana once fought over the same woman, causing her death and bringing a curse upon themselves. Condemned by Kanaloa to live as dolphins, they share their lives for hundreds of years, waiting for the day when a woman will set them free. When they see Lyric, they know she is the one. But can they seduce her into accepting them both?

Rahiti and Moana must explore the desire that simmers between them as well as share Lyric together. Yet the gods watch closely, and all their lives are in jeopardy. Passion in paradise might break the curse…or ensnare the lovers in an ancient curse.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Surrender to Paradise (MMF)
5 Ratings (3.6)

Surrender to Paradise (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,741
5 Ratings (3.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was such a fun read! Really creative and unique with likable, easy to relate to characters. I'm looking forward to more work by this author.
Anitra Lynn McLeod
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Surrender to Paradise is a slightly different take on the classic M/M/F ménage. Unlike most ménage a trois stories, the men in this one must address their jealousy with sharing a woman. This emotional conflict elevated this erotic story and will have other readers enjoying it as much as I did. Lyric's ex-boyfriend betrayed her and conned her out of her life savings so she goes to a Polynesian island to emotionally reset. There she hears the legend of two jealous ancient warriors, Rahiti and Moana, who once fought over the same woman and were punished by the gods and turned into dolphins. Trapped in dolphin bodies, the men await the woman who will set them free. Lyric does set the men free of their dolphin curse, but will Rahiti and Moana's jealousy cause them all to be cursed anew by the gods? I read a lot of ménage (and more) stories and I've never read one which dealt with jealousy like this novella does. This emotional aspect between the men was extremely well written and developed. This conflict was really the heart of the relationship between Lyric, Rahiti and Moana, and I enjoyed that. This unique focus moved the plot and the relationship so I can't say too much more about it other than I'm sure readers will like this as much as I did. The characters are very well developed, too. Readers will relate to Lyric's hurt and understand why she's reluctant to be in this complicated relationship. But the men are the most developed characters, as it should be since their relationship and jealousy is the story's focus. Rahiti and Moana's unique personalities are very well written and compelling. I wanted to spend time with these three characters and think other readers will too. Of course, being a ménage story means lots of well-written sex scenes, too. Since the relationship between Rahiti and Moana is just as important as the one they develop with Lyric, expect lots of heavy M/M action but it fits with the unique emotional relationship between the characters. Erotica fans will not be disappointed in this very spicy novella. I also liked how the Polynesian gods played a role in the story. This allowed for the supernatural element but integrated it really well with the tropical island setting. Again, I think the author successfully wrote a different spin on the paranormal erotic romance and readers will enjoy that like I did. Readers looking for a different setting and romance should read Surrender to Paradise. The romance is unique and spicy and best of all, the emotional connections between the three leads is believable and tender." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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“She’s the one. I’m telling you.”

Rahiti did his best to ignore Moana, whose excited twirling only irritated him. “Ridiculous,” he communicated with a flip of his tail and a thought in his companion’s mind. “She’s just another tourist. Besides, Kanaloa hasn’t spoken to us in centuries. We’re never getting out of this, so live with it.”

Moana swam around him in a fast loop. “She made the wish! She made the wish for a new life, Rahiti. She sacrificed her tears to the sea and—”

Cutting him off with a powerful stroke of his flukes, Rahiti soared toward the moonlit surface for air. If Moana would just shut up for a minute or two, maybe he could make sense of what had happened today. Unlike his boisterous companion, Rahiti wasn’t ready to pin his hopes on the beautiful, dark-haired woman who had appeared in their lagoon. Many women had come and gone over the years, and they’d even played with a few, hoping, longing…But only this woman’s voice had drawn them from the depths.

“Did you see her face?” Moana went on, his voice soft and dreamy in Rahiti’s mind. “So sad. And her breasts”—his humor rushed back—“worth waiting hundreds of years to put my hands on those!”

Rahiti spun, showing his flippers for emphasis. “Aren’t you forgetting something? No hands.”

“Kanaloa will have mercy on us. He has to, after all this time. Rahiti, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone to love again?” Saying this, he slid his long body over Rahiti’s. Moana’s warm skin felt good stroking over his side, even better when his erect penis trailed over Rahiti’s back. A rush of longing coursed through Rahiti’s still-all-too-human heart. Yes, hundreds of years without a true lover was a long time, and he and Moana had learned to compensate. Like other dolphin pairs, they found ways to pleasure each other, but it wasn’t the same. They were united in their sorrow and their situation, and, he supposed, in their hope that someday the right girl would come along who might break the curse. Rahiti had nearly given up, but obviously Moana hadn’t.

“Moana,” he thought to his friend, slowing enough to let Moana twine sensuously around him, “she would have to accept us both. What modern human woman would do that?”

“We will worry about that tomorrow. You’ll see. This is our chance.” Moana’s whisper seemed to come from all around him, settling into his bones, and Rahiti let his mind drift with the tide and his body take over. The other dolphin gently butted Rahiti’s throat with his snout and rubbed against him, coaxing Rahiti’s long phallus to emerge. Their sleek, slick bodies twined and stroked, and for a moment, Rahiti could almost pretend he was just a man enjoying a lover’s touch, not a man trapped in an animal’s form, struggling to retain his humanity. However, Moana had gotten very good at reading Rahiti’s moods and needs, and he knew just how to move, just how to tease…

Just how to seduce him to his way of thinking.

Suspended in the starlight lagoon, they shared the little pleasure allowed them by Kanaloa’s curse. Moana dove deep afterward, calmer, but Rahiti’s thoughts tumbled about like crashing waves. He surfaced for a breath, rolling so he could eye the shore and the lights from the little beach house where the woman stayed. Like his friend, he’d felt her sorrow draw them from the deeps. Her words had echoed in his mind, in his heart, and her lovely body had called to him. They’d watched from a distance while she swam in the shallows, and if he was honest, Rahiti had to admit he’d been as enchanted as Moana. Like a vision from one of his tormented dreams, she looked like Mohea, yet not—more slender, paler, but with the same long, dark hair and womanly grace.

If there was one sense he missed most of all from his human life, it was that of smell, for he knew, just knew, she would smell of gardenias and fragrant breezes. He had felt her heartbeat pulsing through the water like a summoning drum.

He puffed out a breath and sank beneath the ripples once more. If she was the one to break the curse, she would be able to see their true forms. At least that’s what Kanaloa had told them, so long ago. Then what? They would still be dolphins, and she…would be unattainable. The curse would be broken only when she accepted them both as mates and he and Moana could share her unselfishly. The warriors had long ago sorted out their differences, but what woman would be willing to believe enough to love them both?

Disappointment seemed certain. Did they really want to put themselves through that again? Sending a cascade of clicks and whistles rebounding into the depths, Rahiti located his friend and followed. Moana wouldn’t let up until they tried, so there was hardly any point in protesting. With a resigned flip of his flukes, he dove to find the other dolphin in the inky depths.




Slipping off the bikini bottoms she wore to protect herself from the sand, Lyric eyed them both. “Well, look what the tide washed in.”

She bent to kiss Rahiti’s firm, stern lips then felt him melting as their tongues slipped over each other. She knelt and kissed Moana, bringing him Rahiti’s flavor. Moana strained against Rahiti’s grasp. “Rahiti, let me touch her breasts. Her nipples…look at them. Like ripe berries.”

Tormenting his friend, Rahiti trapped Moana’s wrists in one hand then used the other to pinch and squeeze one of Lyric’s nipples. Oh gods…She bit her lip and cupped her breasts, holding them for his clever fingers. “Rahiti, that’s so good.”

“So close…” Moana strained to lift his head to reach them. “You are evil, Rahiti.”

“Hold him down,” she said, smiling slyly then bending to free Moana’s erection from beneath Rahiti’s thigh. With Rahiti kneeling astride Moana, both their delicious cocks were within reach, and she tucked herself underneath Rahiti’s arm to lick the fat crowns.

Their pre-cum mingled on her tongue, and her pussy contracted sharply. She needed these cocks inside her. They couldn’t both fit in her mouth. She sucked Rahiti down to the base, relaxing her throat to take him, while she slid her hand around and up Moana’s shaft. She inhaled their musk deeply—salt and sun and raw, primal man. They rocked their hips with her movements, and soon hands stroked her thighs and back and hair.

“Lyric,” Rahiti groaned.

“Come here.” Moana pulled at her until her pussy hovered over his face, and she felt the strong strokes of his tongue slipping along her labia and drinking in her cream.

At this angle, she couldn’t continue the blow job, so she settled for kissing Rahiti instead as his friend devoured her, and he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. Her cunny swelled and clenched, and she wriggled against Moana’s devilish tongue. “I need you…inside me,” she panted.

Moana’s long fingers slid between her folds and into her pussy then slid out to coat the moisture around her anus. Lyric stiffened, but Rahiti pulled at her nipples, and the sharp pleasure-pain combined into a fiery glow low in her belly. She could do this. She wanted it.

“Tell me what he’s doing,” Rahiti growled against her ear.

“He’s…” She sucked in a breath. “He’s licking me.”


She twined her fist around Rahiti’s cock. If she was going to be on the brink, she wasn’t going to be there alone. “My butt…hole. My ass. God…”

“More. Tell me.”

He wanted her to talk now? Now, when a new, intense pleasure made her press her forehead into Rahiti’s broad shoulder. “His fingers…he’s pushing inside. Oh…”

Rahiti kissed her sweaty cheek, and she could feel his smile. “I know it’s good.”

She picked up her head to see his gleaming eyes that shared a secret knowledge. “I never…” she confessed in a whisper. “No one…ahh.” She twisted down on the pressure of two spit-slicked fingers probing her opening. A slight edge of pain, then pressure, then bliss, and oh my God, Rahiti reached down to stroke her clit. Her flooded pussy soaked the insides of her thighs, and the first tremors of an orgasm pulsed deep inside her. At this rate, she’d be over the edge before they got their cocks out. Well, they were out, but not in her, where they belonged…

“Now, please.”

The guys seemed to have a silent exchange about who was going to go where, but in the next breath, Rahiti lay on his back. From behind, Moana positioned her over his friend’s massive erection. She’d never seen him so hard and lovingly ran her hand up the hot, veined shaft to the softer head, then down to cradle his heavy balls, already drawn up tight. They weren’t going to last long at this rate.

She reached behind her to kiss Moana’s soft, generous lips, and he easily slipped a finger back into her ass while he sucked her tongue and tasted her mouth, coaxing her body to accept him. Her muscles relaxed, and she sighed at the rush of pleasure. She trusted him utterly not to hurt her.

“Ride me, Lyric.” Rahiti fisted his cock at her entrance, and she eased herself down over it. He was nearly as thick around as her wrist, and she felt the shape of him stretching her inner walls. He thumbed her clit, and a fresh gush of moisture eased his way. How she’d fit both of them, she had no idea, but she needed, needed

Gripping her waist, he eased her up and down his shaft. His eyes rolled back, and she nearly buckled over with the delicious ache blooming inside her.

At her back, Moana’s hand pressed, sliding up to her nape, then down again. His slick fingers toyed with her hole again, and then…she gasped at the thick pressure. He was too big, too relentless.

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