Louisa Neil

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Louisa became hooked on paper back romance novels and happily ever after endings as a teen. Before cable TV arrived, babysitting after school was boring. She chose a Harlequin novel and never looked back. Reading became her favorite pass time.  

As an adult, she took writing seminars and classes to hone her own skills. She kept journals and notebooks filled with story ideas and bits of dialogue, along with settings and observations.

Finally retired from her full time job, she ventured to put her notes in order. The end result was Claudia's Men, her first romance novel with a twist.  

She realized her writing stepped beyond normal boundaries and became erotica. Exploring these new directions has been enlightening in many ways. The author looks forward to researching her next mnage novel.

You can reach her at [email protected].

Her web site for current and future mnage projects is www.louisaneil.com. 






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