I live in a beautiful part of the Southwest of England. My first experience of writing was creating what is known as 'fan fiction' on the Internet forum of one of my favorite artists. Lots of my readers gave me really positive feedback and encouraged me to write more and take things further. Without them, I would never have had the confidence to submit a manuscript. I enjoy the process of writing and creating characters I would like to meet and situations I would love to be in.

Please visit me at www.luxieryder.com

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your characters?

A: I get inspiration everywhere. I am an avid movie and music fan and I read constantly - and let's face, there is plenty to inspire you there. Gorgeous characters, interesting plots and emotive lyrics all spark my imagination. I also have a lot going on in my personal life. Including extended family, I have 8 sisters and a brother. As you can imagine, real life is pretty intense with THAT many women in one family and I am never at a loss for ideas!

Q: How would you best describe your writing style?

A: I like to think I am realistic - both in the way I write my characters and in the things I have them do. If I read a story were the female protagonist is thrown into ecstasy by the tiniest amount of sexual attention from a man, then I lose interest. Life just isn't like that! However, I do believe very strongly in 'lust' at first sight - and the interesting situations that emotion creates. I hope the people who read my stories can feel the tension building and find the inevitable release of all that sexual energy believable.

Q: Why do you write this in genre?

A: I love sexy stories about strong men, and even stronger women, and the spark that ignites when they meet. Men are fascinating, infuriating, awesome creatures and most of us spend our lives trying to get near them or understand them. I also love the idea of a woman who is or becomes brave enough to take what she wants and not let previous life experiences hold her back. A central message in much of my work involves a decision on her part to take risks in her personal life, and enjoy the rewards.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: Maya Angelou. Not just because of her work, but because of the person she is and what she represents to women in particular and the world in general. She also gave to me one of the greatest gifts possible without even knowing it acceptance of myself. If you haven't already, please read her poem Phenomenal Woman. The words are powerful and have the ability to change both the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Q: Do you have any other interests?

A: As mentioned before, I love reading and watching movies as well as seeing my favorite musical artists perform as much as possible. These include, in no particular order, The Kings of Leon, The Foofighters, Metallica, Ricky Martin, Luther Vandross and Whitesnake. My other interest is campaigning actively, but peacefully, against the cynical marketing of baby milk products to mothers in third world countries. If you want to find out more, a great source of information is Babymilkaction.org.


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