I'm a lifelong resident of Ohio, which is located in the Midwestern section of the United States. I occasionally take brief excursions to other places. I love travel and I love people.

I’m married and have two children. I also have dogs, ferrets, a cat, and a dozen hilarious chickens. 

When I'm not writing, I'm working part-time in retail. I wish I could say I'm taking long walks on exotic beaches, or hiking through the mountains, but reality expects a little thing called a paycheck.  

Reality is what makes fantasy so great. When you're having a bad day, think of a tall, dark-haired cowboy, with a wicked, promising gleam in his eyes. It can make all the difference to a lady’s day.

It does for mine!

Q: Have you been writing long?

A: Yes, I have. But I have always written for myself. It was a hobby, a pastime, like someone else might knit or paint.


Q: Why did you decide to try to get published?

A: When ebooks came out, I saw this as my opportunity, though it still wasn’t an easy decision. But when I discovered there were publishers out there which published what I enjoyed writing most, I told myself I had to quit being a closet writer and go for it.


Q: Why do you enjoy writing erotica?

A: I enjoy writing it because there is more to relationships than a chaste kiss and holding hands. That’s fine for many people. But I like to explore, expand, and emphasize what two or more people can enjoy together both physically and emotionally.


Q: What does your husband think about what you write?

A: He loves it. He’s my official test dummy.


Q: Will you always write erotica?

A: As long as I have a working imagination and the need to set someone else’s imagination of fire.

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