[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, fantasy elements, vampires, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, sex toys, HEA]
After thousands of years, dragon shifter Vincent Clyve has found his mate, but the vampire refuses to acknowledge their connection. Desmond Chadwick resents the new life he is forced to live when his coven moves from the city to the country. He doesn’t want anything to do with it, which includes denying his newfound mate, a sexy dragon shifter.
Vincent waited patiently for Desmond to lose the attitude and accept their mating. The vampire was young and impulsive. He would give him time to get to know him. Desmond blatantly ignored Vincent until he found their third mate, a human named Samuel Ware. Vincent stepped in when Desmond brought Sam to the farm and the man panicked.
Convinced he had been drugged by the handsome stranger from the bar where they had met, Sam didn’t even blink when he discovered there were dragon shifters, vampires, and trolls. It was only the beginning to a whole new life, one he prayed was better than the one he had lived for twenty-five years. After learning he had two mates, Sam was overjoyed until someone tried over and over again to kill them.
Notes: Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Dragon's Destiny (MMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
good book, nut you need a new editor.
kathy miller
Loved all the books I have read of Lynn Starks this one included can't wait to read the next one.
julie scott




Vincent pushed the soil back with his huge clawed feet until he had shaped a long oval pit for his body to settle down into. He was out of sight of the compound. Though he liked the people living there, he enjoyed these times when he could just relax in his dragon form.

Lowering his head with a sigh, he closed his eyes and let the peacefulness of his surroundings settle over him. There was a small stream nearby and he could hear the water moving over the rocks. The leaves on the trees fluttered. Occasionally a branch would rub against another, causing a squeak.

He grunted in annoyance when a pair of squirrels ran up and over his body, completely unconcerned that he could make them into tiny snacks. They chattered away as they chased one another from one end of his body to the other. When they reached his tail a second time he flicked the end and sent one flying. The second froze on his back and he twitched the large scales. The squirrel chattered angrily, but wisely fled. With another sigh Vincent settled down to sleep. Naps were good.

It was early evening when he woke. He yawned and pushed to his feet, keeping his wings close as he left his spot between the trees. As he left their cover he heard voices. One was that of his mate, the vampire called Desmond. The young one was trouble. He refused to acknowledge that they were mates, which Vincent found very frustrating. While mating wasn’t all about sex, he was getting damned horny. It had been over a year since he had found the handsome young vampire and in all that time he had not enjoyed a sexual partner. Once the mate was identified there was no other for him. He couldn’t have gotten it up with someone else if he tried. Even with the bad attitude Vincent had fallen in love with him. It hurt him deeply that Desmond didn’t seem to want him or the love he had to offer.

With the darkness growing, Vincent didn’t bother to worry about anyone seeing his dragon. Very few planes flew across and even if they did he would only look like a large, strange shadow as he walked out of the trees.

“I tell you, you’re my mate, my boyfriend. You’re supposed to come with me.”

This was from Desmond as he was obviously trying to convince someone to accompany him to the compound. It pissed Vincent off that he would lie to someone just to get into their pants. Though people often considered him a dick, Vincent would never lie to anyone. It wasn’t honorable.

“But I don’t know you.” This response was made by a sweet male voice, amping up Vincent’s anger level. His mate was going too far. “I really think I should go home. You can call me tomorrow.”

Stepping easily over the fence which had been erected between the pasture and the gravel-covered lane, Vincent began following them. Desmond had been begging the coven to which he belonged to buy a car or truck. They hadn’t done so since they had no real need. If someone wanted to go into town they borrowed Ian MacLauchlan’s truck. Unfortunately, Desmond was in trouble more often than not and he wasn’t allowed to use it.

Ian MacLauchlan was a warhorse shifter and the alpha of a clan now filling up with everything from wolf shifters to trolls. The lost beings, the ones feeling displaced in their countries of origin, were making their way to the growing community. Some lived within it, others took advantage of the remote location to live in the forest or along the river. All mythical and magical creatures were welcome. Vincent was truly impressed by the six gargoyles which had gotten themselves shipped from northern England to the United States. Clever.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I just can’t stay in town very long. If you stay over, then we can get to know each other.”

Vincent grunted his displeasure. Desmond had no business pressuring the young man into spending the night at the compound. He sounded like a creepy stalker. The vampire was going to get his shapely ass spanked, if he kept it up. Was he the mate of a pervert? How old was the man he was trying to convince that they were boyfriends?

When the wind shifted, blowing their scents toward him, Vincent was shocked to scent two mates. Desmond was obviously one of them. But the other? Shit. A grumbling sound rose into his throat from deep in his chest. If he could have fist pumped, he would have done so. Finding one mate was a miracle, finding a second was whipped cream on top of that. His new mate was very sexy, a slender body with a nicely rounded ass emphasized by skintight jeans. His scent was sweet and tantalizing, causing Vincent’s dragon to drool a little.

Vincent watched as the small man turned to look at him, obviously having heard him walking on the gravel. His eyes widened for an instant, and then he was turning back around.

“Uh, what’s that following us?”

“That’s Vincent. He’s our mate, too.”

They had turned to look at him again. The unknown man was taking small steps to the side, preparing to run. “It looks like a dragon. I don’t have sex with dragons.”




Seeing the moment for what it was, Vincent took advantage of it. “Let’s take this somewhere a little drier.” They released one another reluctantly, but did as he suggested. Getting out of the water, they reached for towels. He was pleased to see that both of his mates were fully aroused, their cocks hard and dripping wet. “Go to my room. I won’t be long.”

Wanting to wash the stink of death off of his body, even if it was only in his mind, Vincent released the suds from the tub and turned the shower on. It didn’t take long for him to wash from head to toe. Once he was finished he dried off and tossed the towel aside. His cock led the way into the bedroom, where he found his mates in yet another passionate embrace on the bed. They broke apart as he joined them, making room for him between. His dragon began purring as their hands explored his body. Lips and hands were busy, quickly stoking the fires of his desires. The need to mate with them was incredibly strong. He certainly wasn’t able to remain still as they teased and tormented him. Sam was pushing his face into Vincent’s armpit while Desmond began sucking his nipple. Both had a hand at his groin. One held his cock while the other stroked his tightening balls.

“Come here,” he told Sam, pulling him up and onto his chest. Desmond pulled back, but only to shift his attention to their small mate. Sam was laughing as he squirmed around on Vincent’s body. “Now, what does my pretty boy want?”

Big hazel eyes stared at him. “I want you to fuck me. I want to be yours. I want to belong to Desmond, too.” The earnest vow was quickly replaced by a scowl. “Ouch! He bit me on the butt.”

Grinning, Vincent quickly turned Sam around so he could inspect the bite. “Mmm, nice,” he said, admiring the smooth twin globes. Desmond’s mark was clearly evident on the pristine flesh. Lifting his head he bit the other side, earning a yelp of indignation. “Don’t tell me you didn’t like that, because I won’t believe you. And what do we have here?”

The base of a butt plug was visible. Sam pulled away and scrambled around, but Desmond caught him and pried his ass cheeks apart. “Oh, our pretty boy is all ready for us. We’re going to shove our cocks into your tight little ass and fill you with our seed.”

Sam’s small body shook with excitement. His hazel eyes were shining in his face. “Can I get pregnant like Danny? Can you make a baby in me? Danny said only an alpha can do it. You’re an alpha, aren’t you, Vincent?” Delicate hands stroked over his torso, his shoulders, as he waited expectantly for the answer. There was hope in his eyes. Thin fingers curled against him. “You have to be an alpha. You’re so strong, so powerful. And alphas can make babies.”

This was unfamiliar ground for Vincent. He hadn’t given any thought to being able to impregnate his mate. “I don’t know, baby. I’m an alpha, yes, but I don’t know if a dragon shifter can get a human male pregnant. I’ve never heard of it being done before.”

His mate looked so crushed that Vincent wished he could take back the words. But he couldn’t and Sam needed to know that it might not be possible to become impregnated. Small hands cupped his cheeks and he realized Sam was trying to comfort him.

“It’s okay if it doesn’t happen, Vincent. I’m good with it. Can you make me yours now?”

He could if he didn’t start crying. Never in his life had he been so humbled. It wasn’t in him to be humble. At least it hadn’t been until he had met this amazing man. Taking a hand into his, he pressed a kiss to the soft palm.

“Yes, I’ll make you mine now. I want both you and Desmond.” He reached for Desmond and pulled him up along the length of his body so that he could hold both men. “I can’t tell you what I felt when I saw that your car was wrecked and you were unconscious in it. At first I thought you were dead. When I felt your breath, when I heard your heartbeat, I praised the gods for their mercy. I have waited more than a year for you to accept our being mates. I don’t want to wait any longer. I can’t wait any longer.”

Vincent’s heart skipped a beat as Desmond offered his mouth. A low, tortured groan was ripped from his throat as he closed the space between them, capturing the full red lips, kissing the vampire with all the pent-up desire he was feeling. He was only vaguely aware of Sam moving out of the way, freeing his arm so he could hold Desmond close. Their mouths melded together, their tongues dueled. Heat flared, scorching Vincent as he tried to pull the man closer yet to his body. Desperation fueled his passion. He had come so close to losing one of his precious mates. Twisting, he put Desmond onto his back and pressed himself between long, slender legs.

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