Mackenzie Williams

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I am a small town girl from Iowa. I grew up with four younger brothers that I was able to boss around and annoy during childhood. After high school, I went to college and studied Education. I found my future husband there and we were married soon after graduation.  A few years later, we were joined by our amazing son.

I started writing in the Erotic Romance genre because these are the types of stories I like to read myself. They are exciting and emotional. When I'm not writing I like to turn my brain off and listen to music or watch movies.

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Q:  Did you always want to be a writer?

A:  No, actually I never really considered it until recently. I love reading.  Before I started writing, that is how I spent most of my free time.  One day my husband convinced me to sit down and try writing. I found out that I loved it and couldn't stop.

Q:  What's your favorite thing about being a writer?

A: I enjoy being creative.  I enjoy just letting my mind wander and see what it comes up with.  I also love that you can become different characters.

Q:  Do you ever find it difficult to write?

A:  Yes. Some days I can sit down and the words just flow.  Other days, I struggle to find them.  The more I write, however, the easier it is becoming.

Q:  What do you do when you aren't writing?

A:  I think I already said I love to read. Besides that, I like to watch TV and movies.  I love going to a good sports bar and cheering loudly.   I enjoy a good game of Texas Hold 'em.  It is fun to play a game that takes skill and luck.

Q:  Why is music such a big influence for you?

A:  Different songs can put you in different moods; take you places real or imaginary.  I listen to all types of music. I love to listen to the lyrics and connect them to my life or stories.

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