The Orchard: Tame Me (MF)

The Orchard 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,831
2 Ratings (3.5)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, food play, sex toys, HFN]
Master Cole is paired with Samantha and soon realizes that she will be a bit more work than other subs at the BDSM club. Is she worth the extra time and aggravation?  Master Cole decides he must push Samantha, emotionally, to make her a good fit for himself and The Orchard. His plan works but maybe too well.
Samantha soon finds herself becoming dependent on her Dom, a feeling she doesn't like. Sam wants to cement the fact that she is only at the BDSM club to play. She decides to ditch her Master at the next party and then returns with another Dom.  After a very emotional night, Samantha realizes that she may have made a horrible mistake. She just can't figure out what she really wants so she walks away from everything, the men and the club. Can she find happiness without them?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Orchard: Tame Me (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

The Orchard: Tame Me (MF)

The Orchard 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,831
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
A good read but what about the 'aftercare' or cuddles or what about contact outside of the club after she was necklaced?




Sam was standing there, next to Master Cole, waiting. She was getting more and more irritated as the seconds ticked by. What the hell was he waiting for? The Dom was holding his doorknob and just staring at her. His cocky smile had Sam’s own smile fading into a scowl.

She knew she shouldn’t speak. Sam knew she should wait for her Master’s instructions like a good slave but it was hard for her.

“What?” The word came out slightly snottier than she had intended. Sam expected the Dom’s expression to turn angry or annoyed. It didn’t.

“Ahhh, there she is. The bitch hiding under the sub mask. Shall we?” Master Cole flung the door open and held his arm out, signaling for her to enter.

Sam had been taken aback by that rude comment from her Dom. She hesitated just a bit before walking past Master Cole, through the doorway. As she came into the room, she saw that it looked like a typical Dom’s room. There was a large bed against the far wall with dark green silk sheets. Next to the bed was a large wooden dresser. Samantha knew that it was most likely filled with sex toys and restraints.

Her body froze in surprise and shock as she turned to look at the other side of the room. Some rooms had a small stage area in them, a stage just a few inches high. This was one of them that did but what was waiting on the stage had Sam’s breathing increasing. There were two Doms standing there, staring at her. The looks they gave her were almost malevolent, certainly not inviting. The Masters were eyeing her like a bully eyes his next victim.

“Gentlemen, I’m glad you could help me tonight. As you know, this is our slave Samantha.”

One of the Doms nodded toward her, the other didn’t move a muscle. Samantha shivered but quickly recovered.

“What is this? I thought Selection Parties were for one Dom to evaluate me.”

“You’re right, Master Cole. This one needs loads of training. Are you sure she’s worth it?” The Dom that had nodded at her earlier, spoke.

Samantha huffed out a sigh of annoyance at that comment. She received a quick reprimand for it. Master Cole came up behind her and quickly wrapped one arm around her waist while the other grabbed a hold of her chin. His chest was pressed to her back as he snarled into her ear.

“You are going to follow our every command to the letter or you will be dismissed from this club for good. You have burned through too many chances already. Understood?”

Sam didn’t speak. Her head was swirling with comments that she wanted to say but something was stopping her. Her body was now awake. Master Cole’s harsh tone and strong arms had excitement and a bit of fear coursing through her veins. This is what she wanted.

Master Cole roughly cocked Samantha’s head to the side. “I said, understood?”

“Yes,” she answered flatly.

The Dom, still holding her chin and hips, then bit her neck. Sam felt his teeth pressing into her skin. He kept applying more pressure and she wondered if he would go far enough to break the skin.

“Yes, Sir!”

Master Cole let up his teeth just enough to slide up further on her neck. He bit down a second time, just as hard. Sam inhaled sharply then whimpered. The pain was shooting down her neck but it was starting to mix with the heat growing inside her. All of her senses were more active now.

The Dom pulled his teeth off her skin, less than an inch. Sam could feel his hot breath gliding down from her neck, over her cleavage. She could smell his sweet yet masculine cologne.

“Safe word,” Master Cole whispered against her neck.

Out of pure reflex, she answered immediately. “Core.”

Her tone was also a whisper. Sam’s eyes fluttered close and she let her body sink back into the Dom. She was bracing for and almost wanting another bite.

Suddenly, Master Cole took his hands and mouth off the sub. As he took a step back, he flicked the clasp on Sam’s top. Before she even knew what had happened, her bra top popped open and slid down her arms. The Dom grabbed the straps that halted at her elbows and roughly pulled. The top landed on the floor at Sam’s feet.

“Now, go beg each Dom here to touch you.”




Cole roughly took the belt from his sub and grabbed her shoulder, spinning her to face his bed. He gave her a not so gentle nudge forward. Sam stumbled a bit but quickly recovered. The sub walked to the bed with confidence. This one is certainly more work but is she worth it?

“Hands on the bed, ass out. Right now or safe word. You have no more chances with me.” Cole’s tone was harsh and thick.

His sub must fear never being able to come back because she complied with no hesitation. She bent forward and placed both hands onto the dark silk sheets. The Dom kicked the inside of her feet to signal he wanted her legs wider. The slave obeyed at once.

“Slave, this is not your first time here and I’m assuming that the subs gossip in the locker room. Have you heard anything about me?”

“Yes, Sir. I have heard that you are one of the…rougher Masters.”

The second the last syllable was off Sam’s lips, Cole brought his belt across the back of her upper thighs. He smiled to himself when she stiffened but didn’t make a sound. This little one was trying to stay tough.

“Tell me your true thoughts about that.”


Again, the Dom brought the thick leather down, across the same spot. The loud pop of belt on skin had his dick stiffening even further than it already was. His erection was starting to become painful. Cole was trying to hold himself together so he didn’t go overboard on the disobedient sub’s ass. He was just barely succeeding.

“Slave, what do you think about having a Master that is harder than most?”

“I think I could benefit from it.”

Cole paused. That was the best possible answer he could have received. He ran a warm hand over the red stripe on her thighs. He felt his sub tremble and squirm. The Dom’s cock twitched as he removed his hand and replaced it with one more hard crack of his belt.

This one had the slave yelping loudly. Her head flew back against her shoulders. Cole then dropped the belt and bent down. With his chest pressed to her back, he bit her neck. His sub moaned and he could see her fingers clawing the silk sheets.

Cole stood back up. “On your knees.”

This time the sub’s movements were quick and decisive. She came up from the bed and went straight to her knees in front of her Master. She stared up at him with wide eyes that were begging her Master to command her. What a perfect fucking sight.

“Take my dick out.”

The sub worked quickly with unwavering hands. After she unbuttoned and unzipped the slacks, she reached in and pulled him free. Cole’s cock was throbbing and the contrast of the cool air and the slave’s warm hands made him growl.

“I have a challenge for you. I have played with many subs here at The Orchard. Make me forget all of them. Make me come fast and hard.”

Sam blinked up at him with a bit of confusion but only hesitated for a split second before going straight to work. The sub ran her hand up and down his shaft, warming him. Then very slowly, she slid her mouth over the head. She paused here and flicked her tongue over the sensitive tip several times. This caused Cole to groan while his cock jerked.

The sub then moved her mouth down the length. It felt so warm and wet that Cole’s eyes fell shut as his thigh muscles tensed. She started a fevered hungry pace with her mouth and hand. Cole opened his eyes then to watch her short dark hair bounce with her bobbing head. He never got sick of seeing that. What was it about a slave’s face on his dick that excited him so much?

Just then, Sam removed her lips from him but continued with her hand. He was now extremely slick from his pre-cum and her spit. Her hand was working him hard, it was almost too rough but that just made him growl louder and his eyes shut again.

After a few more seconds of this hand job, something had the Dom’s eyes flying open. He felt teeth, on his sack. This little sub was biting on the little bit of loose skin on the underside of his balls. It wasn’t overly painful but just enough.

“Harder, pull.” The words came out huffed.

With one hand bracing herself on Cole’s thigh, Sam’s other worked his cock even faster and rougher while her teeth tugged on his sack skin.


Cole’s dick then released. His cum shot free from him, coating the sub’s hand and forearm. He was climaxing way faster than he had expected. This slave knew some good tricks, he thought as his body shook. As the last few sputters broke free, Sam took her teeth from his balls and moved her tongue to the head. She again flicked her tongue over it, lapping up the cum. Cole’s whole body jerked back but she still had a firm grip on him.

After a few more licks and pulls, the Master reached down and grabbed his slave’s shoulder. He squeezed and pushed her back from his dick. She let go of him and then turned her face up to meet his stare.

Cole was panting while his sub licked her lips. Okay, he thought, I’m pretty sure I can work with this.

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