This anthology features two best-selling m/m erotica: The Hook Up by Ana Star Ethan longs to be with a man, even though most people know him as straight. Tonight, he goes to a club and meets a dream boy. But obstacles stand in their way, will they get their night of pleasure? Late at Night by Millie Andersen Every night I watched through my window at my gay neighbor doing other men. But tonight, even though it’s late, it’s different than other nights. He stared back at me, very aware I’m there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m gay too, but I cannot forget his first spoken words to me: “You’re gay, aren’t you?” he asked me this morning. “Me? No, no way. Are you?” I could only reply. Read our story and find out what happened later… Don't miss out!

Man oh Man!
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Cover Art by Milena Gomez

Excerpt:The Hook Up

Inhaling a deep breath, I stared at the illuminated sign entitled “The Hook Up”. Men came in and out of the club underneath the sign and I hesitated to go in. What if anyone recognized me? Still, the need to be with a hot, sweaty man was too strong and helped me overcome the fear of being discovered. To the world I was known as straight but my heart was gay.
Wiping the moisture from my palms on my jeans, I walked across the street and went into the club. Inside, I passed through a dark hallway where the walls were painted black and small lights on the floor lit up the way to the toll booth. The loud booming of the techno music matched with my own heartbeat as it pounded in my ears. I gave my toll to the man in the booth and proceeded to the dance floor. It was crowded with men dancing their butts off.

Excerpt: Late at Night

I confess, I never was a peeping tom or into voyeurism up until I saw my next door neighbor have sex with men. I’d become obsessed with him, watching him from my bedroom window. A real man would step away from the window and respect his privacy but, since I’m at home and the man persisted on showing me his business, I couldn’t help but spy on him and find out what he’s doing once again this late at night.
I also remember how I had challenged his inopportune question and waited for him to admit first if he was gay. He never replied. Maybe that’s why I kept observing him, searching for the answers to my own questions, and contradicting my answers as I continued watching him.
But something is different tonight.

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