Midnight Wolves (Part 3, Book 1)(MFMM)

Wild & Lawless Writers

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,060
0 Ratings (0.0)

“The devil rides our shoulder. The wolf roams in our heart. It’s who we are.”

These words brand Eris Myers with a dark legacy. One filled with blood, bullets, and betrayal.

As the only daughter of Colby ‘Madman’ Myers, she’s grown up surrounded by chaos and danger. Her father is the president of the Midnight Wolves motorcycle club and he’s alpha of their werewolf pack. Now he’s disappeared after being double crossed, and it’s up to Eris and three men she loves and loathes to clear his name and stop a biker / shifter war.

Part Three: Eris fears she’s becoming like the mother she never knew, leaving a string of broken hearts and bad blood behind her. Dee learns startling information after her first meeting with Dog, and Madman returns to Sweet Haven, determined to kill his enemy and keep his wife out of Dog’s arms.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a serial novel saga with cliffhanger endings. Each part is approx. 10k or more. Part Four of Book One will be released in May 2015, and Book One will be six parts in total.

This ebook includes:

Midnight Wolves Part 3, Book 1 Bonus Excerpts

All parts have an extreme heat level. This is a MFMM ménage romance.

Midnight Wolves (Part 3, Book 1)(MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Midnight Wolves (Part 3, Book 1)(MFMM)

Wild & Lawless Writers

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,060
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Wild & Lawless Writers

Dee walked up to Dog Lucas’ door with chocolate cake in hand. She knew all his weaknesses. The Mother of Wolves had spent a lifetime inside this club, and she knew the Achilles heel of all her pack mates and club members. Dog Lucas’ were sex and chocolate, and she would serve up a generous portion of both to get what she needed.

She knocked and heard the big man thundering down the stairs. His steps sounded anxious. Dee smiled when he opened up and his eyes roved over her tight fitting black blouse and snug black pants.

“Peace offering.” She handed the chocolate layer cake over.

Thanks.” His beefy paws wrapped around the plate before he stepped aside to invite her in.

Dog wasn’t a handsome man. He had a face only a mother could love. His ice blue eyes were cold and calculating, and as he scanned Dee when she walked into his kitchen, she knew he was assessing the real reason for her visit. She’d told him they needed to talk. No details. Just a meeting at his place. Dee knew to get information out of Dog she needed to play this a certain way. Dog might not win any awards for IQ, but he had street smarts. If she pounced then plied him for information right after, he’d get suspicious.

Coaxing. Seduction. That was the way to play this game.

Dog grabbed a knife out of the block on his counter and cut into the cake. “You wanna a piece?”

Dee sensed the double entendre in his offering. She walked over, dipped her finger in the sweet buttercream icing, then licked it off. “No thanks.”

A low rumble escaped Dog. He cleared his throat and went to the fridge to grab a glass of milk. With cake and cold glass in hand, he joined Dee at the table.

“What you wanna talk about?” Dog shoved a forkful of cake in his mouth.

“I know you set Madman up. Let’s not bullshit each other.”

Dog’s fork froze an inch away from his lips. “You poison this cake?”

Dee let out a chuckle. “No. That’d be too easy.”

He grinned, but suspicion still crinkled the corners of his eyes. Dog pushed the cake aside and folded his hands atop the table. “What do you want, Dee?”

“The truth.”

Dog curled his top lip and snickered. “Why would I give you that?”

Dee picked up the fork and cut a sliver of cake off the slab he’d taken. She lifted it to his lips. After a wary look, Dog opened up and let her slide it in.

“I’m rethinking my allegiances.” She pressed the tines of the fork to her lips and licked off the remaining chocolate. “I know what you want. I can help you get it.”

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