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Nichole lives in sunny Florida with her son, husband, two dogs who think they are people, and a bearded dragon respectfully named Dragon. If she’s not fighting with the characters of her books you can find her lost in the stories of her favorite authors, involved in a tickle war with her son, or snuggled up to her real life hero.

Nichole has always loved the written word. It started when her mother gave her Beverly Cleary’s Ramona and Beezus when she was in second grade. She read and reread that book until the pages began to fall out. It was the following year in school when she wrote her first book titled Why the Red Fox was so Blue. Over the years she toyed with the idea of writing. She always had a notebook and pen with her at all times. Which is probably where her obsession with cute pens and notebooks came from.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that she decided to give writing a real try. After a few bad goes of it, she finally found what she really wanted to write. Once finding the erotic romance genre the stories started to flow and they wouldn’t be stopped. With her beef jerky and Dr. Pepper by her side and her laptop powered on she spends her time lost in the worlds she creates visiting the characters that are constantly chattering away in her head.

Q: Why did you chose to write erotic romance?

A: I initially wanted to write historical regency era romance. I finished one and submitted to a few agents and publishing houses, but it was repeatedly rejected. I was told the same thing from them all; my love scenes were too provocative. It wasn’t until I got my hands on my first erotic romance novel that I realized there was a home for my books.

Q: Do you listen to anything while writing or do you need silence?

A: Generally when writing I have to have something playing in the background (total silence is a distraction). It might sound strange, but I usually have the Investigation Discovery channel playing. There’s nothing like a little bit of murder to bring out the love in a scene!

Q: Do you outline or plot your stories or do you prefer to see where the idea takes you?

A: I work out plots for my characters and about five or six things I want in the story other than the obvious. Other than that I let the characters direct the story.

Q: Do you prefer to read on an eReader or paperback?

A: For the longest time I held out in favor of holding an actual book in my hands. There’s nothing like the smell of a book or the sound of a turning page. I finally gave in when I received one for a birthday. Now I don’t go anywhere without it. I still like to go to bookstores and pick up a book every now and then just to feel it in my hand.

Q: When do you write your best?

A: I have a full time day job and then family time after that. I usually write at night after everyone is in bed. I’ve been writing that way for so long that now if I try to write during the day it’s a struggle. I think my characters have decided to start sleeping during the day.

Q: Where do you get the ideas for your books?

A: Everywhere. I know that’s the usual answer from authors, but it’s true. I get them from songs, commercials, eavesdropping on people’s conversations in the grocery store checkout line... The note app on my phone is full of ideas that hit me because of things I’ve seen or heard.

Q: Do you have a certain writing schedule?

A: Not really. I just write. I do set a word could goal for the day, but other than that I let the story come as it will. I find that if I try to force it out it sounds like I did. The only writing rule I have was actually set by my husband. I’m only allowed to edit after the first draft is done and only under his strict supervision. I have a tendency to delete…well everything if left alone! Writers are their own worst critics.

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