[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, vampires, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
Jayden Channing is a twenty-two-year-old college student. He’s also a virgin. After almost a full year of trying to sneak into the pack’s club, Silver Bullet, his older brother and Alpha gives in. Finally able to drink and dance, Jayden embarks on an exciting new world. Everything changes that first night though. He senses his mate, an ancient vampire who is heavily into BDSM.
Andrew Porter has been alive for almost two hundred years. He’s had his fill of wild nights. While at the club, Silver Bullet, he gets into an intense scene, completely focused on the other man. It’s nothing unusual for him, just another normal night. During the scene, he’s interrupted by a young shifter and yells at the young man.
Weeks later, hungry and weak, Andrew’s friends convince him that he’s met his True Match. Now, he needs to find the man and drink before it’s too late.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Big, Bad Vampire (MM)
39 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Jayden Channing hooted and hollered his excitement as he ran out of the apartment above the pack club, Silver Bullet. He’d been waiting years to be old enough to be allowed access. His Alpha and older brother, Gideon owned the club and had kept him away, blocking every single one of his attempts to gain entry. He’d tried everything, but those days were now over. He had permission to dance, drink, and have fun. Gideon’s only rule, don’t do anything inappropriate. Whatever that meant. He just needed to steer clear of Gideon and whichever pack member was assigned to watch over him.

At twenty-two, Jayden was a full-time college student. Finals had just ended, his junior year over. It was now summer time, and he had two short months to meet new friends, dance, drink, and stay up all night long. He’d been waiting for Gideon to finally notice that he was old enough, and he couldn’t suppress the excited grin that lit his face even if he tried.

Making his way into the main part of the club, he wasn’t sure what to do first. Lights flashing, techno music pumping, he could feel the bass pounding through his system, driving him to dance. He decided to hit the bar and get a little buzzed first, knowing that Gideon would be down shortly, followed by Sean, the pack’s Beta. He pushed his way through the swarms of people and reached the bar. He waved his hands rapidly to get Sam McMillan’s attention.

“Uh-oh, how did you get inside?” Sam grinned, shaking his head. He was the head bartender at the Silver Bullet. The man was also a fierce tiger shifter that had joined their pack a while ago. Jayden liked him.

“Gideon finally agreed to let me in.” Jayden shook his hips, beyond excited to get on the dance floor.

“All right, I’ll believe you,” Sam’s tone said otherwise as he winked, “What do you want to drink?”

Jayden didn’t care if Sam believed him or not, the bartender was still willing to serve him a drink and that’s all that mattered at this moment. He was sure that the tiger shifter would report him to Gideon. This time though, he didn’t care. He had Gideon’s permission.

“Hmmm…Something fruity would be good.” Jayden said, eyeing the bottles behind the bar.

Sam nodded and grabbed a couple of liquor bottles. Whirling them in his hands, he threw them into the air, and caught them behind his back. Sam moved quickly and gracefully, putting on a little show for all the patrons. Men chanted his name as Sam flirted back, winking and blowing kisses. Jayden rolled his eyes and tried to wait patiently. As soon as Sam set the glass on the bar, he grabbed it, barely dodging Gideon and Sean as they came near the bar.

Jayden sipped his drink as he watched his brother closely. He’d been kicked out of the bar so many times that it still felt a little surreal and almost uncomfortable that he was even allowed to be here. He followed Gideon with his eyes and watched him speak with almost each and every person in the club. Gideon was extremely popular, good looking, and well-liked. He made it look all so easy. Life had never been that simple for him. Then again, he wasn’t a big, strong Alpha. How did my brother get all the good genes?

Gideon strode to a table across the dance floor and smiled, shaking hands with four of the biggest, baddest-looking men Jayden had ever seen. He moved closer, wanting to get a smell. It was obvious that they were paranormals and predators, but he could tell they weren’t wolves. He was small enough to sneak around the edge, sticking to the dark walls for cover. When he was close, he inhaled, cataloging all the various scents. Vampires.

He caught a whiff of something sweet and it tickled his nose. What is that? It was a mixture of vanilla and chocolate with a touch of something he couldn’t quite place – something…spicy. As his mouth watered, eager for a taste, his body reacted, muscles tensing and all the blood in his body traveled south, straight to his cock. Mate.

Jayden’s mouth opened slightly and his blue eyes widened. One of the vampires was his mate. Ignoring the reaction of his body, he moved closer to eavesdrop on the conversation taking place between his brother and the table of vampires.

“Gentlemen…how are you tonight?” Gideon asked, shaking hands with each vampire.

“Just finishing my drink before going to the dungeon, I’ve got a new whip to try out.” One of the vampires growled, downing the contents of his glass in one gulp.

That’s him. That’s my mate. Jayden watched with pure fascination and the man stood up and flung a large black duffle bag over his shoulder. He stood over six feet tall, similar to Gideon’s height. He had broad shoulders, and muscles that strained against his black shirt and tight leather pants.




“I’m going to slide my cock deep into you.” A single finger traced Jayden’s crack and circled his asshole. “I’m going to fuck this little hole and then I’m going to claim what’s mine. Is that what you want?”

“Yes. I’m yours, I belong to you.” He was willing to beg if that was what Andrew wanted from him.

“Now, little wolf, I’m going to get you ready for me.” Andrew reached to the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube.

Jayden missed the sight of Andrew’s naked body as he felt his mate move away and kneel behind his spread thighs. He could hear the bottle cap flick open and waited. One cold, wet finger touched his asshole. He jerked forward, but didn’t get far before Andrew’s other hand settled firmly against his shoulder blades.

“Shhh…take a deep breath and relax. I’ll take as much time as you need. We’re not in a rush.” With those words, he felt Andrew rub his back, massaging his back with soothing circular motions, while at the same time, Andrew’s other hand was still touching his anus.

Using only one finger, he felt Andrew circle his entrance for a moment before breaching him, slowly. His muscles tightened, involuntarily, forcing Andrew to pause. After a minute, Andrew again pushed deeper, retreated, and then added a second finger, stretching him wide. He could feel Andrew’s fingers moving in and out. Touching and stroking something pleasurable deep inside him.

“Oh, God, do that again,” he begged, gripping the sheets tight in his fists.

“Does that feel good?” Andrew asked, although Jayden was positive he already knew the answer to that question.

“Please, please, please…I need.” Jayden had been good so far, but he couldn’t prevent shifting his hips, moving his ass back against Andrew’s fingers.

“I know what you need.” Andrew leaned over his back, kissing his shoulder as he added a third finger. “You’re almost ready, baby. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Now. Need. Mate.” He panted and writhed on Andrew’s fingers.

Need didn’t even cover what he was feeling. This was so hot, so amazing. Better than anything he’d ever experienced when he’d masturbated.

“Yeah. Mine.” Andrew growled, removing his fingers from Jayden’s warm slick ass.

“Yours. Make me yours.” Jayden spread his thighs wider and waited. He knew what was coming and had been waiting for it ever since he’d found his mate.

Jayden held his breath and relaxed completely when he felt the tip of Andrew’s hard cock start to breech his ass. Slowly, in fractional increments, Andrew filled him until his groin met Jayden’s ass. His vampire paused then, moved his hands from Jayden’s hips, caressing and touching his way up his sides to his shoulders.

“Jayden, my sweet, beautiful boy.” Andrew’s voice was full of passion and wonder, making Jayden feel truly special.

“Andrew.” Jayden moaned as his mate withdrew and then pushed forward again, heat sliding along his sensitive nerves.

“Yes.” He answered, repeated the sensuous motion. In. Out. Again and again. He started to move faster, slapping his groin against Jayden’s ass.

“Big. Hot. Fuck.” Jayden was reduced to one syllable words. Now that he was experiencing Andrew, he couldn’t imagine one moment without his vampire.

His vampire, his mate, his forever…pistoned his hips and fucked Jayden. It was fierce, hot, harsh, and loving. It was everything he’d ever dreamed about.

“Andrew. Love. Mate.” The pleasure of the invasion overwhelmed him and the brush of his mate’s cock against his prostate gland sent sparks of fireworks bursting behind his eyes.

He felt Andrew give it all to him, pumping his cock in and out of his ass until he was a ball of blissful sensation. Pleasure consumed Jayden and his entire focus was on the man behind him. His vampire. His love. His mate.

“My Jayden…mine.” Andrew’s tongue licked a path from his neck to his shoulder.

“I’m close. I can’t stop myself.” His cock throbbed and pulsed. Every thrust from Andrew caused more pre-cum to leak from Jayden’s tip.

“Come for me, love.” Jayden’s ass tightened on the man’s cock and his lover grunted in response. “Yeah…I want you to come, little wolf.”

“I’m…” he panted. “Gonna…” Jayden’s balls drew up tight as he drew closer to orgasm.

Ecstasy filled him and grew until he thought he’d burst from the exquisite pain and pleasure of it all. Jayden arched his back, his mate’s name on his lips as his balls emptied. The salty musk of his release covered the bed below him, rope after rope of cum. His mate’s sharp teeth ran lightly against his shoulder before they sunk deep into the flesh of his neck. He felt a strong pull, as the vampire drank from him, marking, and claiming.

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