Pam lives on 50 rural acres in rural Maine with her husband, two Siamese cats, a black Lab and a new addition, Percy, a dog rescued from death row in Florida. By day she works in Bangor, Maine as a legal secretary. When not writing, Pam enjoys hunting, fishing or just being outdoors. God blessed her with two beautiful children and two wonderful granddaughters. Pam writes, hot romantic suspense, some contemporary and paranormal.  Recently, she has started writing erotica.

1.  What inspires you to write?

Answer:  So many things.  An article in the newspaper is a sure fire way to get me asking the "what if" question.  If a snippet of a dream stays in my brain for days, I'll run with it.  If I had to come up with one answer, it would be my imagination.  Many nights I don't sleep a wink because my brain never shuts off, which at times can become very annoying.

2.  What's your preferred reading genre?

Answer:  Romantic Suspense and plain suspense, and I enjoy horror by Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

3.  Do you have a favorite novel?

Answer:  No.  I've got a pile of them, although I'd have to say if I were stranded somewhere and could only have one book, I'd choose the unabridged version of Stephen King's The Stand.  I loved it.  There's enough romance, danger and excitement in this book to keep me happy.

4.  When do you find time to write?

Answer:  It's not easy.  Even if I can't find the time to put words on paper, I will plan out a chapter or two in my head and jot it down in a notebook, although it's never as good as writing fresh.  I've been known not to clean the house on weekends so I can write, until the dust and pet hair gets too thick!

5.  What author inspired has provided the most inspiration for your writing?

Answer:  Stephen King.  Do you notice a common thread here?  I absolutely love Stephen's way with words.  He drags me into his world and his books stay with me long after I've read The End.

6.  If you could go back , what would you change about your life?

Answer:  Nothing.  I've had my share of hurts and made some extraordinary mistakes, but what I gained from these experiences has made me who I am.  I'm lucky to have had a life full of adventure and travel, as well as bringing up two children who make me so darn proud.  If I were to die tomorrow, I wouldn't regret one thing.

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