Now and Always (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,412
5 Ratings (3.6)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Mayhem greets Lily when she comes home for her father’s funeral. Even worse, she realizes she’s in love with Cain and Zach Young, two boys she once had a crush on. Now, they are men—and willing to share.

The will states she’ll inherit the family ranch on two conditions—she must marry Cain, and the ranch must show a profit in a year. That's not an easy feat since the foreman has been rustling most of the cattle. Her love for Cain and Zach overwhelms her as much as the financial problems.

When the ex-foreman kidnaps Lily, he tells her he is her half-brother, and that Cain was aware of the relationship. Devastated, Lily turns away from Cain. Even worse, Zach sticks by his brother, and Lily can’t have one without the other. Can she learn to forgive Cain so the three of them can find everlasting happiness?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Now and Always (MFM)
5 Ratings (3.6)

Now and Always (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,412
5 Ratings (3.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Love, Love Love this book. What a wonderful story.
Barefoot Okie



They quickly discovered she had two left feet, so the lessons ended and they’d given her this glass ballerina as a joke. Nothing had changed in the room. Her Michael Jackson poster still hung on the wall to the right. Pictures of horses she’d loved over the years graced the far wall. She flopped on the bed. Even her favorite white chenille bedspread still covered the bed.  She didn’t look up when the door squeaked open and closed with a soft click. Carmen’s unique jasmine scent wafted into the room, announcing her presence. Curling into a ball, she ignored the kind Spanish woman who’d been there for her after Lily’s mother had died in a riding accident when Lily had been eight. She traced the vivid red roses embroidered on the bedspread. The mattress sank with the woman’s weight. Warmth seeped through Lily’s shirt when Carmen rubbed gentle circles on her back. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I know how difficult this must be.”

“I’m fine, Carmen.”

“I don’t for one minute believe you. You’re hurting inside.” Carmen cupped her chin, forcing her to look into worried brown eyes. “Ever since you were a little girl, your bottom lip trembled if you were fighting tears. Like it’s doing now. My poor Lily. He did love you, despite the fact he sent you away.”

Lily had lost count of how many times Carmen had said those same words to her over the years. Lily hadn’t believed them back then, and she didn’t today. “He hated me because I fell in love with Cain, who was nobody.”

“Lily, you’re so wrong. Look at me. I’m nobody, and your father loved me.”

“Then why didn’t he marry you?” Lily snapped. Immediate guilt rushed into her head. “God, Carmen, I’m sorry. That was hateful. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out.”

A sad smile spread across the wrinkled face. “He asked. I refused.” Lily opened her mouth and Carmen cut her off. “It wouldn’t have been right. Your father wasn’t a snob. Quite the opposite. You want the truth? He worried you and Cain were too young. Over the years, Steve and Cain got to know each other, and in the end, Steve realized he’d been wrong to separate the two of you. The will is his attempt to make things right.”

Lily rolled onto her stomach and buried her head in the pillow. “Well, it’s more complicated now than back then.” Yeah, like now she wanted both brothers. She doubted Carmen could handle that knowledge.

Carmen twisted her arthritic fingers poised in her lap. “I’m convinced Dave’s going to hurt someone. He believes the ranch should have been left to him.”

Lily rolled and sat on the edge of the bed to give Carmen her full attention. “What do you mean? Why would he think that?” Since when did Carmen involve herself in the ins and outs of the ranch? “You worry too much. Ben oversees the finances, and Dave ran this place with an iron hand.” From all Carmen had said over the years, it seemed her father had treated Dave like a son. “What happened between Dave and my father?”

Carmen rose and scurried across the floor to check that no one lurked outside the door. She shut it and the lock clicked as she threw the deadbolt. Lily’s heart thumped harder at this secretive behavior. The woman had begun to worry her. “Come, sit down. You’re scaring me.”

The older woman squeezed her ample figure into a rocking chair. “There’s evil afoot, Lily. You need to believe me. The cattle head shrinks by the day. Dave denies it, even though Steve accused him on several occasions of stealing a few at a time.”

Lily’s unease grew. Dave and her father once had been so close. So much so that Lily had experienced pangs of jealousy. She’d come to believe her father had loved him more than he did his own daughter. Plus, Dave had always treated her like a pesky fly. He’d never once had a kind word to say. Something serious must have happened to cause a rift between them. “Have you spoken to Cain about this?”

Carmen shook her head. “Steve was adamant not to involve others.”

Yet, he’d made Cain part of the deal for Lily to inherit the ranch? She rolled off the bed and hugged her surrogate mother. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow and see if he knows anything.”




All six feet of him turned her on. He hadn't changed much. His dark brown hair was still too long, falling below the collar of his denim jacket. A few wrinkles appeared in the corners of his gray eyes. Zach had grown into a spitting image of Cain—perhaps an inch or so shorter, but the same color hair and the same slate-colored eyes. Over the years, Lily had wondered if Cain would still want her. The bulge in his jeans gave her the answer. She braced herself on one hand and reached across to lower his zipper, slipping his swollen cock out of his boxer shorts. She rode the sensual wave circling the backseat of the limo. Her body craved release with these two men, and her heart ached for the cherished closeness they once shared.  Her brain insisted a sexual encounter would be insane.  The three of them needed to become reacquainted.  Her pussy declined to heed the advice. 

She bent forward and licked a pearly bead of pre-cum from the slit of the engorged head. Cain’s fingers tangled in her hair. For a brief moment, she feared he’d push her away. Instead, he controlled the movement of her mouth. She gasped in pleasure and rotated her hips as Zach’s cock poked into her pussy. A hot moisture ran down the insides of her thighs. How many times had she dreamt about being loved by these two men? Something she thought would remain a fantasy. She’d always steered her thoughts to making love to Cain, but Zach had always pushed his way into the picture. “Hurry, Zach. Put it all the way in. Do me now!”

Her mouth slid up and down Cain’s silken rod, matching the rhythm of Zach’s pumping cock. Cain’s hips lifted off the seat to push deeper into her throat while Zach’s fingers milked her breasts. The orgasm built fast. “Don’t stop,” she mumbled, taking her mouth off the stiff cock she ate.

Her fantasies hadn’t come close to the sensations zinging through her body. “Faster, Zach. I’ll die if I don’t come.” She went down on Cain until his cock rubbed the back of her throat.

“God, Lily, I’m coming,” Cain groaned. She sucked harder until his ejaculation triggered her own climax. Greedy, she swallowed the hot cum spurting into her throat and squeezed her pussy muscles on Zach’s cock until he let loose his seed. Exhausted, she collapsed in Cain’s lap and licked his balls. Pleasure shot to her core when his cock hardened again.

“Oh, man, I can’t believe this.” Zach’s thumbs rubbed her clit, arousing her once again. “Let’s do it again.” Zach gasped. “Turn around, Lily, and let Cain drive this time.”

Cain’s thighs tensed under Lily’s cheek. Afraid he might knock her to the floor in disgust, she sat up and rearranged her clothes as best she could. “Not now, Zach.” She dropped a quick kiss on his lips. She willed her beating heart to slow down and reminded herself not to read anything into the situation. It was hot sex and nothing more. “It was great. Thanks.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” he replied with a cheeky grin. “I’m looking forward to the next time.”


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