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The Bitch Strap

Peter Birch (Published by: Fiction4All)

Formats: pdf - epub - pdb - lit - lrf - mobi

When Todd inherits his grandfather’s stately pile – Brockman Hall, he finds it comes with some surprising complications and additions. First there is Scarlett – beautiful, wilful and harbouring a very MORE...

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Coming With Annabelle

Peter Birch (Published by: Fiction4All)

Formats: pdf - epub - pdb - lrf - lit - mobi

Annabelle and Fenella who are thrown together by their fathers' business dealings decide to meddle in things they shouldn't in Fenella's father's shed. They are taken back in time to the second world war where MORE...

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First Spankings

Peter Birch (Published by: Xcite Books Ltd)

Formats: pdf - epub

Accounts of real spankings given to real women. From the occasional bit of fun to tales from the most dedicated enthusiasts, the detailed stories include well know names from the genre of spanking erotica, many MORE...

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