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First Spankings

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 71,300
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Accounts of real spankings given to real women. From the occasional bit of fun to tales from the most dedicated enthusiasts, the detailed stories include well know names from the genre of spanking erotica, many personal friends of the author, and confessions from around the world. It’s an enthusiast’s book, no question, but if you’re curious about what really makes the kinky girls tick, then this is a must for any erotica shelf.

Peter Birch has been spanking girls for thirty years now, and has collected stories from the thirties to the noughties. This is the very first encyclopaedic erotica collection of erotic punishment given by boys to girls, and given by girls to girls, even in public. And one thing is guaranteed: every single confession is a genuine account of a woman’s first experience going over the knee.

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EVERYBODY REMEMBERS THEIR FIRST kiss. Everybody remembers how they lost their virginity. There’s always something special about the first time, especially when it comes to sex. For some of us – and if you’ve picked up this book that probably includes you – another important milestone was the first time somebody smacked your bottom for you, or vice versa, your first spanking.
That is what this book is all about, first spankings – women’s first spankings. These are not stories, but accounts of real spankings, most of them given by the women themselves. No doubt some cynical souls will dismiss that claim as improbable, even impossible, but that reflects only on their lack of imagination and experience. My fellow enthusiasts for the fine art of spanking girls’ bottoms will recognise the situations and quite possibly some of those involved, although I have changed names and details when necessary in order to protect people’s identity. It should go without saying that when I say spanking I mean erotic spanking between consenting adults, given and taken for the sake of sensual pleasure. Nor do I believe that it is in any way more appropriate for a woman to be spanked than a man, but as most people prefer one sex or the other to be on the receiving end I have stuck with my own preference.
For me, spanking is an essential part of sex. Without it sex lacks spice, and it is as important a part of foreplay as kissing. If that is incomprehensible to you, or seems in any way wrong, or you don’t believe that women can, or should, enjoy spanking for the sake of sensual pleasure, then now would be a good time to choose another book. It is not my intention to convert people, nor to explain myself in any way, but simply to entertain those who share my tastes. Nor do I intend to delve into the psychology of spanking, save in that these accounts contain a great deal of personal detail, with the same themes recurring again and again; the pleasure of submission, of shame, of exposure, or apprehension and even fear for those same emotions, often at the same time. That might seem contradictory, even impossible, but as any spanking enthusiast will tell you this is not the case, just the opposite in fact. Being spanked hurts and yet it is a thrilling sensation. Being spanked is highly embarrassing, humiliating even, and yet those very emotions can be gloriously arousing. Being spanked leaves you hot and sore, yet needing more of the same and needing sex. There is the need to be punished, the thrill of anticipation and apprehension, the fear of pain, the joy of pain, dozens of other emotions both raw and subtle. These are all facets in a complex whole, which you may have in greater or lesser degree, or not at all, so that despite these recurring themes no two people’s experience and enjoyment are ever quite the same.

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