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Rainey Daye was potty trained by having a book placed in her lap. She has been an avid reader ever since, from Sci-Fi to Fantasy to Romance, both contemporary and paranormal. Even horror and suspense. She feels naked without a book in her hand and has been known to re-read her favorite books over and over again.  

She wanted to be a 'library' growing up and her fondest fantasy was to be locked in a bookstore overnight. 

She also developed the habit of imagining 'what happens next' for some of the books that she read, but never in her wildest dreams ever thought that she could create characters from the ether of her imagination herself. Yet when it happened, she plopped herself down in front of her computer and began writing almost non-stop. The result is her first novel, An Unconventional Love, the type of book she never in a million years imagined that she would write, yet fell in love with anyway. 

It is her fondest wish that other readers embrace her characters and clamor for more of their story because it is ever percolating in her mind. 

Q: How long did it take you to write An Unconventional Love?

A: Not as long as you would think. About 6 weeks. Yet I wrote almost non-stop the entire time, getting little to no sleep.


Q: Where did the inspiration come from?

A: I am embarrassed to say, but I allowed myself to view porn. The porno I saw consisted of 2 bisexual men and 1 female and I was amazed that I actually found it to be beautiful. The way all three were so considerate of each other, pleasuring each other, including each other. And I thought 'there could be a story here.' 


Q: Do you condone such couplings?

A: I like to believe that I have an open mind when it comes to sexuality. And before you ask, no, I have never participated in a ménage a trois myself. 


Q: Do your characters 'speak' to you?

A: Not in words, per se, but they have disturbed my sleep with a line of dialogue or a scene, forcing me to get out of bed and boot up the computer so I can get it down right away. 


Q: Do you have any future plans for these characters that you created?

A: Do I! Their story both opens and closes six years in the future, so there is a lot of stuff they can experience as they work out the dynamics of their relationship. Plus, I know what I want to occur in their future as they mature and only hope that the readers stick around to find out. 


Q: Do you believe there is a male audience for your book?

A: I have always been of the firm belief that if men would read at least one romance novel in their lives, they would have a whole new understanding of women. Not to mention all the pointers they could receive <wink>. 


Q: Do you use such language in your own life?

A: As I like to say, 'the views of the characters do not necessarily reflect the views of the author.' But I can hardly censor my characters, can I?


Q: Is Rainey Daye your real name?

A: Alas, it is not. My given name is Lorraine and Rainey is the nickname my dad had originally wanted to call me by. (I have no idea why they didn't). Daye is the first syllable of my mom's maiden name. I just couldn't resist.

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