An Unconventional Love (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 92,354
13 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M, public exhibition, HEA]

In order to get Maggie out of an uncomfortable situation in her college dorm, Jesse and Alex lied to her in order to make her feel more comfortable in accepting their invitation to become their third roommate. Now they find themselves in the unenviable position of posing as gay lovers while they want nothing more than to form a polygamous relationship with Maggie.

What follows is months of frustration for all three roommates as the men try to ease her into their world and seduce her into their shared bed.

When Maggie's months of pent-up frustration finally erupt, she finds herself swept up in a sensuous journey as her two lovers seduce her into a relationship that she had never imagined, even in her most vivid sexual fantasies.

A Siren Erotic Romance

An Unconventional Love (MMF)
13 Ratings (4.2)

An Unconventional Love (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 92,354
13 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I am completely surprised to learn this is the first book written by this Ms Daye as I flowed with an ease that usually only comes with a writer having many books under their proverbial belt. The characters came to life in front of me and I found myself struggling to put it down. I loved the combination of wit and drama Maggie, Jesse and Alex find themselves surrounded in and was so pleased to hear there is a follow up soon to be published. I hate the bereft feeling that comes with the end of a book, knowing that 'that's it' as far as those characters go. Not the case here thank goodness.
Loved it! Couldnt put it down, would recommend.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "I fell in love with this book the moment I began reading and as the story progressed, I fell harder. In order to get Maggie out of an uncomfortable living arrangement with her college living situation, Jesse and Alex lie to her about their relationship. They make her believe they are happy together as a couple and would never touch her. However, both men have lured her into their house and are having to fight their attraction to her. When it finally comes to light about their feelings for each other, the pages begin to steam. Rainey Daye has created an enthralling story which I for one have really enjoyed. The relationship with Maggie, Jesse and Alex is developed throughout the story and is believable as they keep it a secret from the outside world. Their love for each other is clearly described as they protect each other. AN UNCONVENTIONAL LOVE is a really great, funny read and it goes back to when she first moved in, which I loved as it really got a sense of the fight they had to accept all of their attraction to each other. A highly recommended read." -- Sam Crescent, The Romance Reviews

4 CUPS: "Maggie is living in a very unfortunate situation. She is not sure how to get out of it until her study-buddy, Jesse, comes up with the perfect solution. Jesse and Alex are lovers. They also happen to be best friends who share everything with one another. Both Jesse and Alex realize that though they are lovers, they want to include Maggie in their sexual relationship; making their twosome a threesome. But they are not sure how to go about that since she has always assumed that they were gay. Maggie puts herself through so much agony as she pretends to be afraid of movies so she can cuddle with the two most decadent men she knows. Too bad neither one of them is straight. What will happen to these three people when the truth comes out about how they really feel about one another? I loved how Ms. Daye introduces us to these two delicious men. Her humor was placed sporadically throughout the novel and I found myself bursting out laughing, which got me some very funny looks. The delicate balance between having a great erotic read and a book that is mostly pornographic was obtained in this book. An Unconventional Love is an erotic romance that leaves you hot and bothered, wanting more, and purely satisfied all at the same time. Jesse, Alex, and Maggie are very strong characters who must make some tough decisions to get what they want and the plot really keeps their thought process and the obstacles moving throughout these pages. This is a well written tale that I may have to pick up again, just for the pure enjoyment of it." --Danielle, Coffee Time Romance & More

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Maggie fell asleep on the ride home. Reluctant to wake her, he walked over to her side of the car after pulling into the garage and very gently scooped her out. Juggling her gently in his arms, he managed to open the door leading from the garage to the house and then carried her upstairs to tuck her into bed. He very carefully removed her dress and laid it over the back of a chair. He then pulled the sheet over her and placed a tender kiss on her forehead, looking adoringly down upon her, marveling at the treasure that was Maggie. When she had commiserated over his phobia the other day, he had had the reverent thought about what a great mom she would be. When she was sharing her sheer joy over something as innocuous as dinner theater, of all things, he had thought about how refreshing she was. And when she had been writhing in his arms, he had marveled at how sensual she was.

He quietly walked over to the door and turned the light off before gently closing it behind him and proceeding to his own room, shaking his head in wonder.

Careful not to wake Alex, he groped his way in the dark to their bathroom, where he stripped off his clothes and brushed his teeth before snagging his pajama bottoms that were hanging up on a wall hook.

As he slipped into bed, Alex turned over and looked at the alarm clock on his bedside table. “It’s after 3 a.m.,” Alex remarked. “I wasn’t expecting you to come back in here tonight.”

“We just got home,” Jess said softly. “Didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s okay. Did you have a good time?”

“The show was actually pretty good. Maggie fell asleep while we were stargazing, though.”


“At Whistler’s Overlook,” Jess clarified.

“Ahh. It was probably a bad idea to try to squeeze two dates in with her on the same day,” Alex mused.

“It was her idea, remember? She wanted to get them both behind her.”

“Still, I kept her out too long and it cut into your time with her, and she didn’t have time to rest up for your date. I’m sorry. If you want to cancel with me tomorrow, or rather today, to spend more time with her, I’ll understand.”

“No, it’s all right. I got my quality time in with her. Besides, she’ll probably appreciate having the house to herself so she can sleep in without us disturbing her.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Alex paused for a long moment before he admitted. “This feeling sucks. I’m feeling both jealous and guilty right now, but also relieved.”

“Me, too,” Jess also admitted, feeling no need to elaborate further.

“Do you really think we can both date her without endangering our own relationship?” Alex asked as he rolled over and propped his head on his bent arm so that he could look at his lover.

“I really hope so,” Jess said.

Alex sighed before he leaned over and kissed Jess gently on his lips before he lay back down and whispered, “Good night, Jess.”

“Good night, Alex,” Jess replied as he reached over and brushed his hand gently through Alex’s hair before turning on his side, consumed by guilt for the very first time over spending time with a woman. 




Burying his lips in the side of her neck, Alex gathered her panties in his fist and yanked upward so that the silky material bunched up and rubbed erotically between both her ass and her cleft.

With a groan, Maggie rose on her toes in bliss as Jess pushed her bra straps down her shoulders. Leaning down, he took the tip of her right nipple between his teeth and nipped it before he tongued and suckled it. Burying her fingers in his hair to hold his head close to her breast, she breathed, “I thought you two wanted a blow job?”

“We also want you wet and aching for us so we can have our wicked way with you,” Alex whispered hoarsely in her ear before he sucked on her earlobe. His free hand reached around her waist to stroke her through her panties while he continued to tug the material erotically along her cleft.

Maggie reached up and also buried her fingers in his dark hair before she gasped, “I’m always wet and aching for you two.” Releasing them, she reached down to grasp their cocks in her hands.

Groaning in bliss, the two men moved to stand shoulder to shoulder while Maggie went down on her knees before them. Flicking her tongue out, she teased and tasted them both before she closed her eyes in pleasure and blindly sought out a cock to suck on while she stroked the hard, silky length of the other one.

As their moans suddenly became muffled, Maggie opened her eyes and peered up at them only to see her lovers hungrily kissing each other. The sight of these two beautiful men kissing always caused a flood of moisture to pool between her legs. She could watch the two of them pleasuring each other for hours.

Switching to the other cock, she sucked and tongued it until Jesse was so overcome by the sensation of her mouth wrapped around it that he broke away from Alex’s kiss to stare down upon her worshipping him with her mouth. Alex dipped his head down to Jess’s chest so he could tongue and nibble on his nipple while Jess cradled Maggie’s head tenderly in his hands, gently brushing her hair aside so he could have an unobstructed view of her ministering to him. When she moved her lips from the head of his penis and began to kiss and suck and gum the sensitive vein along the underside of it, Jess almost fell to his knees, and Maggie could easily sense his ecstasy, knowing that he was forcing himself not to come.

“God, Maggie, your mouth is a miracle,” he breathed reverently.

“Everything about her is a miracle,” Alex stated matter-of-factly as he delivered one last swipe to Jess’s nipple before moving to kneel behind Maggie so he could cup her breasts in his large hands while he rubbed his cock between her cheeks.

Maggie groaned as Alex kneaded and fondled her breasts while grinding his cock against her ass before he kissed a line down her spine, causing her to shiver. When he reached the base of her spine and proceeded to deliver a long, slow lick back up to her neck, Maggie groaned again and hungrily took Jess deep into her mouth, where she began to suckle him frantically.

Jesse moved his hands from where he was cupping her face to her shoulders and pulled her up for a deep kiss before he prematurely released into her mouth. As their tongues twined together, Alex, still on his knees behind her, nudged her legs farther apart so he could then turn over and slide between them to suckle her cleft through her panties as he pulled her back down to him.

Groaning, Maggie tore herself away from Jess’s masterful kisses and looked down to see Alex gazing up at her with his brown eyes hooded and darkened by passion as he nipped her clitoris with his teeth.

With a cry of unbridled ecstasy, she began tearing Jess’s shirt from him and licking his chest. Ever obliging, Jesse removed his shirt and kicked off his pants so that he was standing before her in all his six-foot-one naked glory. Maggie ran her hands along his smooth pectorals and down his perfect six-pack before she took his impressive cock back into her hand. Leaning forward while she locked her gaze with his, she took his cock back into her mouth before she reached around him to grasp his tight ass in both hands while Jesse held her head in place.

Alex scooted farther along beneath Maggie so he could minister to her breasts. Her nipples were puckered so tightly that they were poking through the lace of her bra. Drawing a tight peak into his mouth, Alex bit down gently before he soothed the bite with his tongue, followed almost immediately by a deep suckling, which had Maggie moaning around Jess’s cock. Reaching around her back, Alex expertly released the clasp of her bra, and Maggie let go of Jess’s ass long enough to shrug out of it and allow it to flutter down to land upon Alex’s lightly furred chest.

With a throaty growl, Alex grasped both of her breasts in his hands and pushed them together so he could suckle both of her nipples at once. He then angled his head so he could nibble along their sensitive underside.

Maggie broke out in shivers as the loves of her life continued to hit upon every erogenous zone on her body.

While Jess was gently trailing one talented hand along her upper back and neck, Maggie pulled back from administering to his cock to bluntly demand, “Eat me!”

With a groan, Jess pulled back and moved around behind her while she stood up long enough so he could unzip her skirt. Alex rose to his knees in front of her so that he could continue to torment her breasts and nipples. As Jess pushed her skirt down over her hips and stripped her of her sodden panties, Maggie grasped Alex’s head in her hands and pulled him to her for a passionate kiss. Jess then proceeded to lie down while grasping Maggie’s hips until she was sitting comfortably astride his face while Alex followed her back down, never breaking their kiss.

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