Rilee St. Chris

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 Rilee St. Chris can be found in her mystical villa by the sea with the sensual creatures who inspire her stories.

 At Rilee’s there’s no holds barred sex. If one man is great, two is unsurpassed.

 Here she is worshiped for her sexy curves and adored by the men who help her on her continuous sexual journey.

 When not penning her stories that take erotic sex to the next level, she can be found immersed in her hot tub where she enjoys the erotic caress of the jets, swimming naked in her pool, or sunning on the beach with her men in attendance.

 Late in the afternoon she can be found lounging nude beside the pool drinking iced champagne and nibbling on dark chocolate. Between pushing the erotic envelope and learning new sexual feats to incorporate into her stories, Rilee loves chatting with readers, answering questions about her exploits and talking about her hunky men.

Q: What do you wear when writing?

A: I really wish I could say something slinky, silky, and sexy, but I'd be lying. You can find me sitting at my desk in a t-shirt and pair of boxers.

Q: What's on your desk?

A: There's always a cup of coffee, in a travel mug, on my desk along with a 24oz tumbler filled with ice water with lid and straw. I have issues with spilling things so everything has lids. :) My desktop takes up the rest of the room, a 27" iMac.

Q: Do you ever re-read your books?

A: Ack, no! If I go back and read something already published I cringe because I see places I want to change or add to. Instead of falling into the story I spend all my time mentally fixing errors.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: Oh there is what I call 'plot fodder' all over the place! I see it when I'm driving to the store, sitting in the coffee shop, watching TV, or even listening to the various voices in my head. Life is a huge playground full of future books that I can't wait to explore.

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?

A: There's no set time limit when I write. With that said I'll admit I'm a fast writer when I actually superglue my butt to the chair. On good days, I manage to write around 3-5K and we won't talk about bad days. :)

Q: Who is your favorite fictional character?

A: Without a doubt my favorite character of another writer is hands down J.D. Robb's hero Roarke. He's everything a hero should be, smart, sexy, skilled, dangerous, loyal, rich and absolutely devoted to his woman. No matter how many times people try to copy him, there will always be only one Roarke.

Q: Do you take readers' plot ideas?

A: No, I don't. It involves too many 'what if' and possible bad things. I appreciate the offers, but it gets too messy.

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