My Best Friend's Girlfriend (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,006
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]

Chase Nestler knows he can’t keep the lies up much longer. Sooner or later Brandt Jackson and Pika Boyash will meet each other, and the truth will destroy his knife-edge balance. But how is he supposed to keep the two people he’s in love with from leaving him? If he can’t have them both as his lovers, then Chase wants to hold on to their friendship with everything he has.

Armed with the knowledge of their friend’s secrets, Pika and Brandt arrive at Chase’s ranch to confront him and demand a few explanations. Pika’s afraid to hope that all her erotic fantasies of being with two men might come true. Chase fears the backlash of having his most cherished dream become reality. And Brandt’s worried about what happens when he falls in love with his best friend—and his best friend’s girlfriend.

A Siren Erotic Romance

My Best Friend's Girlfriend (MMF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

My Best Friend's Girlfriend (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,006
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Brandt summed up the situation with a quick glance as his only covering settled over his feet and ankles. A gentleman would cover himself then find out what excuse the lady had for being in Chase’s place in the middle of the night. The other option left his nuts in the wind, but his hands free to capture and question his new suspect.

“Holy shitake mushrooms, Batman.” Tinkerbelle huffed out the words, one hand planted firmly over her heart, drawing attention to the fact his little breaking and entering fairy wasn’t dressed appropriately for never-never land. More like happy-kinky land if he was any judge of women’s lingerie. He gripped his covering off the floor and then knotted the towel at his waist to keep himself from grasping his cock as he devoured her with his eyes, taking in the lush frame and the breasts that begged for a man’s hand to tease and caress them, and a man’s mouth to suck and nibble. A riot of dark curls cascaded past her shoulders, making his hands ache to comb through the silky locks. He wanted those curls brushing his thighs and his cock, and then he wanted to use the thick strands to hold her in position beneath him as he slammed into her until his cum overflowed her pussy.

A black-lace-trimmed, two-piece tank and boxer-looking set hugged her every enticing curve. The mesh thingy over her breasts strained with her every excited breath. Brandt found himself holding his own, praying and waiting for the material to succumb to gravity and roll all the way down the path to paradise.

“Hey.” Tiny, elegant fingers snapped in front of his mesmerized eyes. “Eyes up here, GI Joe.”

“Marine, ma’am,” he spoke automatically, never moving his gaze away from the bounty she presented as his mouth watered at the thought of all that flesh being bared for his pleasure as he explored every curve of her petite body.

Yeah, some men lusted after the movie stars and models shoved in their faces by the modern-day media, but not Brandt. Those women did nothing for him. Give him a female with enough curves to cushion his thrusts, and he was a happy man. Nothing worse than fucking a woman and being more worried about bruising your hip bones against her sharp angles.

Women were made to be curved, to have lush hills and valleys for a man to explore and enjoy. Everything about the fairy standing in front of came straight from his most erotic fantasy.


A smack on the back of Brandt’s head brought back memories of childhood and successfully snapped him out of his breast-induced coma. Lifting his head, Brandt’s eyes were immediately caught in the wild bronze of his attacker. She was quick. He’d give her that. She’d managed to close the distance between, slap, and then retreat to her corner before he could blink.

“You with me, gadjo? Or do you want to stare at my chest some more?”

Distantly he heard the heavy sarcasm in her voice, but hormones overrode common sense and had him asking, “The chest is still an option?”

She turned from him, black curls dancing around her lush hips and nibble-worthy ass as the boy shorts stretched with every sway. Foreign words spilled from her lips in a rapid pace, and Brandt vaguely wondered if his family or friends were being cursed.

“Wait.” Mind off her ass, Brandt reminded himself as he settled his hand on his own hips encountering nothing, but his damp flesh had him cursing while darting to grab the forgotten towel.

When he turned around, Tinkerbelle stood there, arms crossed under her breasts and a familiar smile curling her full lips.

“Brandt, right?” A tilt of her graceful head then the smile broke wide, reaching to her eyes and making him want to smile with her. Stupid, as though he had no idea who the woman was, what she was doing in Chase’s condo, and how the hell she knew who he was.

“Uh, yeah, but I’m afraid you’ve got me at a disadvantage.” Narrowing his eyes, he studied Tinkerbelle with more than his hormones, and a distant part of his brain rang with recognition.

Still smiling, she winked, her long jet-black lashes sweeping her cheek. “It’ll come to you, Lt Jackson.” A moment later, she smacked her tiny palm against her forehead. “Well, shit. You corrected me with the GI Joe thing, right.”

“Yes, ma’am. GI Joe is Army.” It may seem a petty thing to most people, but those employed by Uncle Sam liked to keep the lines between branches clear, no matter who they were dealing with.

Tinkerbelle laughed again. It sent shocks of awareness of lust piping though his already jacked up nervous system. “Should have known, but I sure as heck wasn’t expecting you here tonight. Does Chase know you’re in town?”

Just like that recognition slammed into his jet-lagged brain. “Fuck, excuse me, ma’am.” Rules of Men 101 had him automatically taking several steps away from the enticing female laughing at him.

“Ah.” She bit down on her bottom lip before releasing the abused flesh. “Guess you finally remembered me. Though why you would I honestly have no idea. It’s not like Chase is a big nester or anything. I mean look at this place.” She waved an arm to encompass the beautifully decorated area. “It looks like a model home complete with matching his-and-hers coffee mugs and bathrobes.”

Brandt took another look around and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Sure, his buddy was a neat freak, but after twenty years in the military, Brandt was more than capable of picking up after himself. And yeah, there wasn’t a whole lot that shouted this was Chase’s place, but he figured it was a guy thing. His quarters were never decorated beyond the basics, but military barracks weren’t exactly homey to begin with.

“Where is Chase?” Yeah, he needed to figure out where his host was at the current moment. The last thing Brandt needed was for Chase to walk in and see his best friend and girlfriend standing close together almost naked.




A firm hand cupped and fondled her breasts while the other hand rubbed between her thighs, his palm flat and pressing roughly as he teased her sensitive tissue. Instead of shying away from the possessive touch as she would with any other lover, Pika responded with a purr of pleasure. The hard body covered her greedy flesh, causing their limbs to tangle. Hard and muscled, hands gripped her all at once. A firm cock thrusting at her honey-slick pussy made her internal muscles squeeze on emptiness.

Then to her shock and arousal, another erection slid between the globes of her ass, teasing the small puckered rosebud no other had touched.

A husky voice whispered in the dark. “Ready for this? Ready to make your fantasy a reality?”

Shudders ripped through her as Chase pulled her thick hair to the side and nibbled on her ear as he slid his callused fingers down her dripping slit. Her hips flexed when his finger slid slowly over her swollen clit and into her wet opening. “Nice and wet, baby, just how we like you.”

In the manner of dreams, Pika never questioned Chase’s presence or his interest in a female. Nor did she wonder why a man she’d never met, only seen in pictures with his gay lover, turned his considerable attention to her very feminine body.

Instead, she wallowed in their attention, basked in their love, and whispered back her own feelings.

“Fuck me, Chase,” she demanded, angling her hips up in an effort to entice the maddening male.

“You’re not ready yet,” Brandt answered, instead of his lover, as he slid his hand around her hip to her ass. Sparks of fire shimmered in her core as his wide fingers slid into the crack of her and kept sliding until he rimmed her tight hole with his index finger.

Pika panted, nerves strung tight between panicked pleasure-pain. She couldn’t stop clenching the tight muscles against him as he stroked and teased the virgin opening.

Brandt leaned back enough to look her right in the eye and asked, “Do you want this?”

“Yes,” she answered, not sure, but desperate to experiment. Her girlfriends talked about the experience, and anal penetration was supposed to be beyond mind-blowing in pleasure.

“Good.” Brandt nodded at her answer. “I’m going to take your ass, but I’ll take excellent care of you, Pika. You’ll be begging for my cock in your ass before I finally fuck you.”

“Hell yes,” Chase panted his agreement. “While he’s taking your tight ass, I’ll be in your sweet pussy. We’ll go slowly, but we both want you at the same time. Can you handle it? Handle us?”

Sharing a look with both men, she replied, “I’ve never wanted anything more. Even thinking about the two of you together gets me wet.”

“Lie down, Pika. We’re only getting started on loving you.” Chase crawled up after her, his eyes almost glowing as need and desire took him over.

Looking from one virile, handsome, well-hung man to the other, Pika couldn’t believe her luck as they closed the distance between their bodies. Chase positioned himself on her right side, his mouth immediately finding and latching onto her swollen nipple. A satisfied sigh left him as he moved his calloused hand over her quivering stomach. Her pussy gripped empty air as she anticipated the touch of his talented fingers.

Brandt teased his lips against her neck then gently sucked a wet path down her throat and along her sensitive shoulder. A moan escaped her as she met his burning gaze, just as he moved his mouth down to encircle her neglected nipple with his tongue before sucking the aching flesh into his hot mouth.

Shutting her eyes, Pika used her other senses to heighten her awareness and revel in all the sensations of being the sole focus of two men.

Brandt tugged her thigh, parting her legs eager to give him access. Her willingness was quickly rewarded when his fingers joined Chase’s in teasing her swollen, wet pussy. Chase teased her clit, and Brandt slid two fingers in and out of her opening until the pulsing sensations in her cunt bordered on orgasmic. It ratcheted up her need to supernova proportions.

The sensations felt better than good, each tug of their warm mouths sending surges of need straight to her cunt. She moaned in complaint when they stopped sucking on her nipples. Chase laughed. “This is just the beginning, baby. You’ll have all pleasure you can handle, promise.”

They shifted positions until she was lying back against Brandt, his strong arms around her, and his fingers pinching and tugging her aroused nipples. Chase moved between her legs, his hands on her hips pulling her close.

He went straight for her dripping slit. Pika threw her head back against Brandt’s shoulder. Then Chase’s lips tugged on her clit, and she exploded. The orgasm rushed through her, sapping all her strength.

When Brandt’s lips closed over hers, Pika sighed and happily let him explore to his heart’s content. Dark-tanned hands massaged her breasts, still playing with her nipples, rolling and pulling on them, keeping her plateau of pleasure rolling. By the time she finally cried “uncle,” Pika would swear she didn’t have an ounce of energy left.

Chase gave her quivering pussy one last long lick before sitting up, hunger burning his gaze. “You okay, baby?”

Brandt slowly drew apart the kiss, but Pika didn’t have any breath to speak. She simply nodded.

“Good, because that’s just the first.” Chase’s fingers slipped inside her slick pussy. He slowly finger-fucked her, finding her G-spot with little effort and sending her soaring again.


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