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Rosemarie Rinehart is a native of Baltimore and an avid lover of all things romantic. From childhood, a passion for the written word filled pages, then binders bursting with short stories. Brought up in a family of re-enactors, a fascination with history began to seep into the narratives she penned for fun.

A slow day of sketching brought forth a cast of characters that would later populate her first published book. Pushed by friends and family, she submitted the novel and has not doubted their advice since.

When not writing, Rosemarie can be found lounging with her three feline companions or haunting the nearest art museum.

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Q: When did you start writing original stories?

A: Oh my, years and years ago! I must have been in the seventh grade, at least, and was just in love with Anne Rice. I wanted to write my own vampire story and my English teacher was my first editor. After that I filled binders full of hand written stories I would work on after my class work was done.

Q: What drove you to see your first novel published?

A: I actually came up with the characters for my circus stories while I was sketching one day. Those illustrations just begged for a proper narrative, so one day I sat down and started typing out a scene. Before I knew the summer had passed and the first full draft was complete, I then realized I couldn't just let it sit on my hard drive.

Q: How does a typical day of writing go for you?

A: Funnily enough I don't have a set regimen when it comes to writing. I blame this on my ever changing schedule of college classes. But I do work on my stories every day, whenever I can, and have a quota to meet in how many pages a week I write. Sometimes I'll have a scene in my head that is just begging to come out and when that happens I'll hurry to get it down lest I forget. Usually though, I outline everything before starting a new story.

Q: Why choose to write erotica?

A: I've been an avid reader of romance for a very long time, and I found erotica along the way. Human sexuality is a fascinating study on its own and erotica has a history that dates back to antiquity. Putting that passion to the page becomes a written kind of art to me. After studying art history and creative writing I found that in penning erotica these very different interests could be blended together.

Q: Will you ever branch out from the historical/steampunk genre?

A: I would love to move into other genres, my head is always full of thoughts for new stories. When I read novels I usually lean towards the paranormal, my favorite authors there are Sherriyln Kenyon and Christine Feehan. But I'm also a fan of fantasy and science fiction, so perhaps I'll challenge myself there one day too.

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