Piper Flynn

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Piper quietly slipped her first romance novel from a book shelf as an impressionable 11 year old and hasn't looked back since. Being born in Southern Kentucky, raised by a northern mother and a southern twang-talking father, created a hodgepodge of a personality. BDSM seemed a natural fit for a headstrong, mouthy chick, who values manners and maybe, might....ok, does, have some control issues. Writing has always been a dream and with the support of a bald, tattooed husband, Piper stopped reading and started putting thoughts to paper. A dash of suspense, a hearty helping of humor, and smoking hot romance makes the world go around.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: I get ideas from everywhere and everyone. No one is safe. Sassy cashier? Chances are she'll make her way into a book. Crazy day at work? One of my characters will have something similar happen. The people I work with, or even family give me ideas just by listening to their everyday life stories. People watching isn't just a hobby, it's a career!

Q: Is writing your only job?

A: No. I actually teach Esthetics. Which is basically waxing, facials and other skincare related things to adult learners. Long live Brazillians and Manscaping! Trust me when I say those appointments are ripe with stories and dialogue. Having hair ripped from a crotch, tends to bring out the worst in most people.

Q: Why erotica?

A: I didn't choose erotica, erotica chose me, lol! I love everything about erotica books. The romance is intense, the sex is fantastic, and the relationships are strong and solid. Let's not forget about the men. Does it get any sexier than an alpha male in protect mode?

Q: What would you like readers to get from your books?

A: A chance to let go of their everyday lives and escape into a world of possibilities. That's what reading does for me. Being able to do that for someone else is a dream come true.

Q: Do you read anything other than romance?

A: I read everything I can get my hands on. Erotica takes up the bulk of my e-reader, but I'll never turn down a good book of any genre.

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