Bound to Pleasure (MF)

Bound To 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,323
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, HEA]
Emma Black has a problem…he’s 6'2", sexy as sin, overbearing, and her best friend’s brother-in-law. Emma knows the wealthy, handsome, and charismatic Ronan will  never see her as more than the annoying best friend…and maybe his chocolate hook-up.
Ronan Kincaid has a problem…she’s black-haired, sexy as sin, a pain in his ass, and his sister-in-law’s best friend…and his chocolate hook-up. He’s wanted her from the moment he laid eyes on her, but a dangerous foe forced him to keep his distance.
With the danger passed, Ronan sweeps Emma off her feet…literally…and into a world where all her darkest desires and fantasies are made reality with a simple, "Yes, Sir."  Is she brave enough to trust in Ronan or will she let self-doubt steal their chance at happily ever after.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bound to Pleasure (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Bound to Pleasure (MF)

Bound To 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,323
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“You can take it to the bank, darling girl. The spirits have spoken. You’ll be knocked up within the year and according to one of feistier contacts, it’ll be a right good time.” Ruth Cline cackled delightedly as she refilled the mimosas sitting around the table.

“Ruth, I think your spirits might be wrong on this one. I’m not dating and with the way my knuckle-headed brothers and now your damn brother-in-law run off any possible dates, I won’t be any time soon.” Emma Black took a swig of the alcohol-laden drink while watching Kat’s godmother putter around the shaded porch. The sun had just started to fade away, taking with it the heat of the day. She loved being here in this house, with Ruth and Kat. She’d grown up without a feminine influence of any sort. It was wonderful to be considered part of their family.

“Doesn’t matter, my dearest heart. The spirits don’t lie. They whispered of you just this morning. Woke me up from a lovely dream I was having about that fine-looking young man who plays with that magical hammer. What is his name, Kat?” Ruth asked as she sat down across from Emma, cooling herself with a fan she’d picked up at a flea market in New Orleans. One on side it had a perfectly coiffed Southern genteel lady smiling prettily. On the other side it had the very same genteel lady still smiling prettily but with a brawny paramour kneeling between her legs in a moment of intimacy.

“His name is Chris Hemsworth, Ruthie. He played Thor in the movies you and your partners-in-crime like to go see.” Kat cut a look at Emma. “They aren’t allowed into the movies here in town for six months. And the movie theater banned them outright from seeing any movies that feature hunky superheroes. Sheriff Briggs called me the last time good ole Thor was in a movie because this lovely lady and her cohorts were cat-calling the screen. The other patrons were complaining.”

Ruth waved away the entire incident with a flick of her fan. “Joshua Briggs needs to get laid more often. It’s not natural for a man his age to go without as much as he does. Gunks up the pipes. Why, his wife has been gone almost three years now. And we both know Lizzie wouldn’t have wanted him to just give up on love. If he’d see to that itch more often, he wouldn’t be so uptight. Good-looking man like that shouldn’t still be single. Any-who, the girls and I were merely expressing our gratitude for that Hemsworth boy’s good genes and of course, those tight tights.”

Emma couldn’t contain the laughter that visual brought on. She loved Ruth’s zeal for life. The woman didn’t care what anyone thought. She grabbed life by the horns and rode it hard. Kat was going to be just like her when she reached that age. Jack would have his hands full but she had a feeling he could handle anything Kat threw his way.

The last few months had been crazy in the small town of Barton. Business at the cafe had picked up to an insane level, to the point she and her brothers, Stephen and Ethan, could barely keep up. The town found out one of its upstanding citizens was a crazed killer and Kat had come back from her vacation to the Keys a married woman. Not just a married woman, but a collared woman. She’d shown Emma the dainty necklace Jack had gifted her at their collaring ceremony, a real-life collaring ceremony. The kind of things she read about in her books.

Kat, the lucky devil, had found herself a real Dom. Jack was one of the sweetest guys Emma had ever met and perfect for her best friend. Kat had also shown Emma the “for-real collar” they used when, in Kat’s words, “Jack was in alpha-sphere.” Just looking at that collar had made Emma think of Ronan Kincaid buckling one around her neck, then doing every naughty thing she’d ever read about over and over and over. Good Lord, was that man hot. He was big, bigger than his brother Jack by a few inches, and broader as well. He kept his blond hair cut short but with just enough length she could grab it and hold him where she needed him. And he had an ass. Even Chase had noticed his ass.




Emma watched his hand stroking up and down a truly impressive cock. It was big, like the rest of him. The head looked silky smooth, a drop of fluid already leaking out as he massaged back down. She wanted to lick him from root to tip. She needed to feel his thick length shuttling in and out of her mouth, stretching her. “Can I taste you? I probably shouldn’t have just blurted that out, huh?” She knew her face was cherry red.

Feeling the thread holding his control fray further, he stepped toward the bed, still stroking his length. “Come here.” He didn’t know if she could even understand the guttural command.

She came up on her knees and crawled to the end of the bed, gasping as his hand wound through her hair and pulled her toward his erection. She expected him to just ram it in like she’d read about in some of her books but he simply stood there, waiting for her to make the next move. She bent forward the inch she needed and lightly licked the head. It felt as smooth as it looked. Growing bolder, she opened her mouth and took the tip in, swirling her tongue under his cockhead. Putting one hand on his thigh, she wrapped the other around the base of his shaft. He was thick, long, and so hard. She heard him growl. The hand in her hair pulled until she felt prickles of heat along her scalp. Wanting more, she opened wider and started sucking, stroking up and down. She wrapped her tongue around him, licking, completely lost in his taste and feel. Her pussy was clenching and pulsing, wetness seeping down onto her thighs.

Ronan gritted his teeth as she once again twisted her hand at his base while her mouth kept up its relentless pace, sucking and licking him as if he were a treat she’d been denied too long. He watched his shaft sliding in and out of that perfect mouth until he felt his balls draw tight to his body and knew release was only a few strokes away. Using his grip on her hair, he pulled her off his cock. She whimpered and tried to take him back in her mouth. He thought he might have actually heard the thread holding his control snap. “Not this time, Emma. I need to fuck you, baby.” Hauling her back to the middle of the bed, he quickly rolled on a condom, stripped off her clothing, and covered her with his body.

Emma felt his hand move between her thighs, pushing through her swollen tissues with first one finger, then another. She tried to move her hips into the caress, but his thighs were holding them still.

“I’m dying to feel you around my cock, love. You’re so tight. It’s going to feel like a vise squeezing me. All this cream pleases me. I love you wet and ready.” His thumb started rubbing at her swollen clit, working her into a frenzy.

“Please, Ronan. Please, fuck me.” Emma was almost mindless with her need.

Removing his fingers, he sat up on his haunches and pulled her thighs further apart, positioning himself at her entrance. Ronan gave her only his cockhead in little shallow thrusts, torturing them both. “You’re mine, Emma. Mine.”

She screamed his name as he thrust fully into her sensitive flesh. Her walls rippled and clenched around him in an orgasm so intense she couldn’t decide if it was heaven or hell.

Ronan felt her quivering around his cock and barely kept himself from spilling into the condom. Slowing his thrusts before he embarrassed himself, he rode her easy. “That’s it, baby. Take what you need, come for me.” He whispered and crooned to her until he felt her body settle. He pulled almost completely out of her warmth then pushed back in until he was again encased, tip to root, in her hot, wet body. She was so tight. It was killing him. He kept up the slow in-and-out thrusts, enjoying watching her body reawaken to the possibility of yet another release. He took her face between his hands and began to nip softly at her lips, encouraging her to open for his tongue. When she opened on a moan, he dipped in and at the same time began to pump his hips hard and fast. She was mewling, lifting into each thrust. As he felt her body stiffen, he reached between them and gave her clit a light pinch. She wailed as another orgasm crashed over her. Grasping her legs, pushing them up to her chest, he began pounding into her like a madman, finally giving in to the need for his own release.

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