Sarah Roberts

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Sarah Roberts describes herself as, “the typical shy bookworm who grows up to be the typical busy modern woman who tries to do it all–wife, mother, career woman.” Though she doesn’t regret that crazy-busy phase, she’s glad her life has evolved into a slower pace. “I’ve got time for myself and things I’m interested in now.” Her interests include face-time with family and friends, health and nutrition, exercise, and writing. 

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: That’s hard to predict. I de-structured my life, so I may put in several hours, just taking small breaks. If I’m on deadline, I might work until midnight. Other days I don’t write at all. But if I’m doing something that doesn’t require much thought, like housework, I’ve probably got a story coming together in my head. Then that leads to a marathon session at the computer. 


Q: What do you mean, you de-structured your life?

A: Well, I used to live by a clock and a list. Okay, now it’s time to do this. Oops, time to start that! Darn, I didn’t get that done! Then I’d beat myself up when I didn’t get everything done when I planned to get it done. I threw out the clock and kept the list. Now I’m not breathlessly running day in and day out. I cross things off my list as I do them. Those things I don’t get done I just move to the next day. Now I’ve got time to kick back with some green tea and a good book! 


Q: Do you work from an outline?

A: You know, I tried that. I couldn’t make it work for me. I couldn’t see far enough ahead in the story to know exactly how it was going to go. I generally have bits and pieces to work with, like the beginning, or a piece or two in the middle, and the end. I begin connecting the pieces and after awhile I start to see the whole picture. I guess it’s more like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I try this piece or that one and eventually the story comes together. 


Q: Do you like jigsaw puzzles?

A: Yeah, I do! You’ve heard of intuitive acting and method acting? Well, I’m not a method writer. 


Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A: Oh, yeah. Growing up, I was always reading. It was like being able to visit different exotic worlds and after an adventure or two, I’d go home again. I wanted to do that, to create those places that people wanted to visit.

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