A native of South Alabama, Sayde Grace was raised among the cotton fields and dirt roads of the south. She has a deep love and appreciation for the rural communities and uses her experiences of small town life in her books. A lifelong story teller, Sayde began writing full time two years ago and has written several full length manuscripts which range from romantic suspense to erotica.

Sayde is currently enjoying and loving life in beautiful South Alabama with her husband and two young children. Sayde’s first urban fantasy in her Moonlight Cravings Series will be released in April of 2011 through Siren Publishing.

Q: What is something that few people know about you?

A: Well, there are a lot of things that only a few people know about me, but if you want quirky things that I don’t normally admit to, then here we go. I love Star Trek. I stay up almost every night to watch Everyone Loves Raymond, Frasier, Law and Order SVU, and then Star Trek. I do most of my writing while those shows are playing in the background.

Oh, and I love Jerry Clower, he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever heard.

Q. Do you read a lot?

A: It depends on my deadlines. If I have a lot going on, I will actually read. Shame on me for going into the world of avoidance, but it does help me. I think that’s why I love to write. I get to be the creator of someone’s world of avoidance, where he or she can escape real life for a few moments .

Q. Does becoming published make a difference in your writing?

A: Being published makes me aware that each book I write must be better than the previous, or at least just as well written. If not, then I disappoint my readers and editors. Neither are people I want to disappoint.

Q. Where do you get your ideas for plots?

A: Normally I get them from the radio. It may seem strange, but while I’m waiting in the line to pick up my kiddo from school, I listen to the radio. I can’t tell you all how many times I’ve heard a song and thought, “Wow, if I tweaked this or that it’d be a great book!” That’s usually where I get my plots.

Q. Does your family know you write erotic romance?

A: My immediate family knows. Well, one of my brothers doesn’t really know. If he does, he ignores it. But, here’s a funny story that just happened to me. My sister-in-law called to tell me she’d just gotten a Kindle. Yay, fun, fun. But then she said, “I’m about to buy your books, which one should I read first?”

I said, “NEITHER!” No way in hell did I want my brother (the one who acknowledges that I write erotic romance) to read my stories. And I knew he would because he’s just too curious, and my sister-in-law loves to get new ideas, which grosses me out because it’s my brother she’s wanting to experiment with! YUCK!

So a few hours went by, and then I got a text from my brother that said, “I’m scarred for life!”

Now I will never be able to stop blushing when my family is around.


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