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Scarlet Day originally hails from Texas, but has made her home on the sunny beaches of Florida. It took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do when she grew up. After spending many years in the insurance industry, she went back to college and got a degree in Environmental Science. After that, she spent a few years sloshing around swamps in South Florida, helping to preserve the Florida Everglades, and ensuring preservation of endangered wildlife during land development.

Scarlet has been happily married to her loving, adoring and patient husband for over 23 years and has one teenage son, three spoiled-rotten poodles, and fish that keep breeding. When she isn’t busy with her day job or writing her next book, Scarlet spends time at the beach and firmly believes that one can never take too many trips to Disneyworld.

Q: Do you base your characters on real people?

A: My husband keeps asking me this same question. He’s convinced all my heroes are based on him. I let him live in this delusional state because it means he’s usually in a great mood. In reality, some of my characters may be loosely based on people I know. For instance, one of my characters in a book I’ve been working on is an Environmental Scientist in South Florida. Hmmm…I wonder where I got that idea?


Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: Spare time? Do people actually have that? Truthfully, I have to consciously carve out spare time. Otherwise, I’d spend all my time writing. I love going to movies, walking on the beach and visiting some of the great destinations here in Florida. And I love going to Disneyworld. Seriously, I’m like a little kid. I have the mouse ears headband to prove it.


Q: What made you decide to write?

A: I’ve always loved to write. When I was younger, it was mostly the obligatory flowery, love-struck poetry. Well, okay, there was also that 300-page Star Wars trivia book that’s probably still lurking in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. I spent years writing stories and then throwing them out. Then one day, not that long ago, I decided I was finished talking about writing a book and sat down and actually did it. I wroteRunaway Heart in two weeks. I was obsessed!


Q: Is it easy to write sex scenes?

A: Ha! After being married for 23 years, you’d think it would be easy, right? Um, not so much. There’s a huge difference between doing it and writing about it. The first time I wrote a sex scene, I broke out in a cold sweat. It took a very strong cocktail to get me through that scene!


Q: What does your husband think about you writing erotic romance?

A: He wants to know where the heck I’ve been hiding all of these ideas for the last 23 years! One of the series I’m currently working on is a ménage and I’ve told him, in no uncertain terms, not to get any ideas! He says he always knew I had a talent for writing, but my choice of genres took him by complete surprise. He thinks it’s great!


Q: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

A: I’m currently working on a paranormal ménage series set in South Florida. I’m also working on the sequel to Runaway Heart, because Jaxson insists that I tell his story and he won’t leave me alone until I do.


Q: Is your desk messy or neat?

A: It’s a disaster! Seriously, the military could conduct search and rescue missions on it.


Q: PC or laptop?

A: Currently a PC, but I’m in the market for a laptop so I can take it to the beach and write while I’m watching the waves (and the surfers). 


Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?

A: Absolutely! I knew on our first date that I was going to marry my husband. It took a while to knock some sense into him, but he came around eventually, too. 

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