Black Tide (MFMM)

Panther Key 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,124
10 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]

Long thought extinguished, the power of the black panther is rising again. Forced on a trip to Florida, Emma Walker meets Diego Anton on the plane and sparks fly. The attraction is instant, but so is a mysterious link that binds the two of them together. Diego is actually on a mission to kidnap Emma, but when he realizes his quarry is the one woman with the power to change the world—and his heart—he has a decision to make. Playboy panther shifters Cash and Chase Dawson are reluctant to settle down, their carefree lifestyles hiding a pain they fear may never be healed. But when their mate arrives with a vampire in tow, their claws are ready to come out. As family secrets are finally revealed, ancient enemies must work together to protect the woman they love. And when the legendary power is finally released, the panther clan and the vampire realm will be changed forever.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Black Tide (MFMM)
10 Ratings (4.3)

Black Tide (MFMM)

Panther Key 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,124
10 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I liked this series only wish there were more books.



Emma’s nose tickled. She scratched it and snuggled back down into the blanket, but the irritating sensation didn’t stop. In fact, her feet itched, too. She rubbed them together, but it didn’t help. Then her legs started itching. And her arms. She threw the blanket off of her and let out a growl of frustration. Was she allergic to the fibers?

“Emma?” Diego’s voice sounded above her.

Emma opened her eyes. Diego was standing behind the couch looking over the back at Emma with a concerned expression.

“Are you okay?”

“No.” She sat up and realized she was naked. Oh well, it wasn’t like the guys hadn’t seen her already. “The blasted heat’s gone, but now I’m itching all over!”

Chase got up from his chair at the table and held his hand out to her. “Yeah, we’ve been waiting for this to start. We figured it would wake you up eventually.”

Emma took his hand and let him pull her to her feet. Moving around just made her itch even worse. “You knew this was coming and you didn’t tell me?”

Chase grinned down at her. “Would you really have wanted to know ahead of time?”

He had a point. No, she wouldn’t have wanted to know. She already had enough to worry about with everything else she had already been told. Chase picked up a folded fluffy, white robe from the end of the couch and helped Emma into it.

“So what does it mean?” She wrenched one arm behind her and tried to scratch an itch between her shoulder blades.

Cash descended the stairs from the deck. “It means it’s time to run.”

He shot her a wicked grin and raised his eyebrows. He was so startlingly handsome when he grinned that Emma forgot what they had been talking about. She focused on his lips, turned up at the corners in such an enticing way. She couldn’t take her eyes off of them. Would he taste as good as he looked?

Cash narrowed his eyes and then walked across the room and stopped in front of her. He lifted her chin with one finger, and his lips descended on hers. It was the first time any of the guys had kissed her, and she knew immediately she would never be able to get enough. Chase’s tongue roved over her lips, and she parted them, allowing him entrance. His tongue seared a path across her lips and into her mouth. She groaned as he probed deeper, reveling in the feel of the kiss.

But the damn itching would not stop! She reluctantly pulled away and scratched her arms. “Dammit! What the hell is wrong with me?”

Cash chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Kitty wants to come out to play.” He kissed her on the top of her head and then took her by the hand and pulled her toward the stairs.

“You mean—now?” Emma looked out the window. It was dark outside. She looked over at the clock on the microwave in the kitchen. It was 11:00 p.m.

“Shouldn’t we—I don’t know…wait till morning?” She knew that sounded ridiculous, but the thought of busting out in fur and fangs made her a little nervous. She wasn’t sure she was ready for this.

Chase chortled behind her. “Nervous much?”

She spun to look at him. “How did you—?”

“Know you were nervous?” Emma gaped at Chase as he finished her sentence. “We’re linked now, babe. We can feel your emotions.” He wagged his eyebrows at her.

Great, so there would be no hiding it if she was grumpy. Or anxious. Or horny. Not that she’d want to hide it from them when she was horny, though. Especially now that she knew what they were capable of when she was horny. The thought of what the four of them had done earlier sent all kinds of naughty thoughts running through her head. Without realizing what was happening, she ran right into the back of Cash, who had stopped midway up the stairs.

Cash slowly turned around and looked down at Emma, who was one step below him. His eyes were actually glowing, and rather than being startled by it, Emma was fascinated.

Leaning down over her, Cash came within inches of her face. “My beautiful little kitten, if you keep thinking like that we will never get off this boat.”

Emma tried to remember why that would be a bad thing. A maddening itch erupted across her abdomen.

Right. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

They made it into the dinghy without Emma distracting everyone again. The itching was getting worse by the second. It felt as though a billion ants had crawled under her skin and were desperately trying to crawl their way back out. Chase revved the engine as fast as it would go and had them skimming across the inky black water. By the time they made it to the beach, Emma was practically bouncing up and down in her seat, a strand of hair firmly clenched between her teeth.




“Are you ready, kitten?”

“God, yes! Please, just do it!” Emma’s voice held all the desperation Diego felt rampaging through his mind.

Cash moved his hand down between his and Emma’s bodies and groaned. “Damn, you’re already so wet.”

Cash didn’t waste time with foreplay. Foreplay was not what Emma wanted or needed. He drove his cock into her with one swift motion, and she cried out. Diego felt her immediate pleasure rush through his mind, and he shuddered from the intensity of it. Her pleasure, however, was short-lived and was quickly replaced with an even greater need.

“More! I need…” Her voice rose in desperation.

Diego moved close behind her and ran his hand over her sweet ass. “I know, baby.”

He opened the tube of lube Chase had given him and squeezed out an overly generous amount, not knowing how much Emma might need. He tossed the lube onto the bed and then rubbed the gel down the crack in Emma’s ass, letting his fingers get thoroughly coated and slick. With extreme gentleness, he caressed and teased her tight opening. Her muscles tightened and resisted as he slowly tried to push one finger inside her. Her fear and pain shot through his mind, though it was muted by her need. So, she wasn’t experienced in this, at least. He leaned down over her back and nibbled her ear.

“Relax, mi belleza. Push out against my finger.”

Emma pushed, and Diego’s finger slid inside. Her whole body shuddered, but Diego didn’t detect any pain from her. Quite the opposite, in fact. Before he could even begin to move his finger, she was pushing back against him, wanting more. He eased his finger in and out a couple of times before pushing a second lubed finger against her tight opening. He felt a momentary resistance, and then his finger slid in even easier than the first one had.

“God, she’s already loosening up.” Diego had never known a woman with a virgin ass to loosen up so fast.

“It’s the heat.” Chase moved quickly to position himself near Emma’s head. “It’s making her body ready for us. She won’t last long this first time.”

Diego could already tell that much. Emma’s mind was blank of coherent thoughts. Nothing but pure instinct raced through her as she moaned and pushed back against Diego’s hand. He scissored his fingers a few times, making sure she was loose enough to take him. He didn’t want her injured just because she was lost in her own overwhelming need.

Cash groaned. “Damn, hurry Diego. She’s squeezing me so hard I’m not going to last long.”

Diego pulled his fingers out, and his mind flinched with a harsh, unspoken protest from Emma. “Easy, baby. I’m getting there.”

Her mental protest died as he pressed the head of his hard cock against her opening. Rather than tighten, she immediately pushed against him. She was ready for him. More than that, she needed him with a depth Diego had never experienced before.

He pushed forward, inching his cock past her opening. She tried to push back harder, but he wrapped his hands around her waist and forced her to slow down. She needed to adjust and stretch slowly to accommodate his size, even if her instincts were driving her to take him hard and fast. Finally, after agonizing moments for both of them, he fully seated himself into her.

She tried to move against them, but Diego gripped her tightly and held her still, letting Cash set the pace. As Cash pushed further inside her, Diego withdrew. When Cash withdrew, Diego reversed course and plunged into her ass.

Emma groaned, and her skin grew even hotter under Diego’s hands. He would swear she was about to spontaneously combust. He didn’t know how her skin could possibly be this hot without bursting into flames. She raised one hand and groped in Chase’s direction. He moved close to her, and she took him eagerly into her mouth.

The sight of Emma’s lips moving over Chase’s cock was almost too much for Diego to endure. His gaze locked on her mouth, and a shudder wracked his body.


Chase was already panting hard as Emma sucked and pulled on his dick. Cash’s breath came in gasps. He moved faster under Emma. Diego plunged harder into Emma’s ass with each thrust. He felt Emma’s desire building higher and hotter. With a final thrust, his hot seed burst from him. He heard the cries of Emma, Cash, and Chase mingle with his own as their bodies found joint release.

And then an amazing thing happened. So sudden and so surprising, it took Diego’s breath away. It was as though a dam broke inside his mind. A great tide of emotions and thoughts rushed through him. It wasn’t just Emma’s thoughts, incoherent though they were, that he could hear. He could very clearly hear Cash and Chase’s thoughts in his mind, as well. He could feel every emotion, every physical sensation, as though they were his own.

Cash and Chase both gasped. Diego looked up and realized they were both looking at him with wide eyes and shocked expressions.

Chase’s stunned face loomed in front of Diego. “What the fuck?”



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