Seduced by a Stranger (F/F)

Lydian Press

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 13,874
0 Ratings (0.0)

Cal Carson is sorely tempted when a stranger arrives at her door offering sex. But is the price too high?

When Cal Carson’s self-imposed solitary existence is disturbed by the unexpected arrival of a sexy femme she fights the urge to grab what’s on offer and ignore the consequences.

Alice claims she just wants to have sex with Cal, nothing more, but then she reveals that the offer comes with unacceptable strings like love and commitment.

Cal refuses to let romance gatecrash her well ordered life, not even by the back door. Will she be able to resist temptation or is her life about to take a turn for the worse?

Seduced by a Stranger (F/F)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seduced by a Stranger (F/F)

Lydian Press

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 13,874
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Dalia

Have I got myself a stalker?

An icy shiver raced down my spine with the thought that Alice might have found and somehow overcome the barriers I’d erected around my private life. I didn’t want to contemplate the stress and potential headaches that might result from such a situation. What if I had to change my name? I didn’t want the hassle of having to start all over with a new identity or even a new place to hide.

I fixed my sights on Alice seeking a logical explanation for her behavior yet finding none. Nevertheless, I’d be wise to give her the benefit of the doubt until I had some proof of wrongdoing. Maybe I was mistaken and her wish to speak with me was a totally innocent desire for information or help. I wouldn’t get anywhere by allowing paranoia to cloud my judgment.

“So, what do you want with me?” I winced at the too sharp edge to my voice. I wanted to get her talking not frighten her away.

Alice shifted her gaze to the floor, clearly flustered by my harsh tone. “Nothing… It doesn’t matter. I…I’ve changed my mind. I ought to go.”

Go where? Without a serviceable vehicle, she didn’t have that many options.

Unless she risked a sprained ankle walking to the highway wearing those ridiculous shoes, Alice was stuck fast until help arrived or I got my Jeep out and drove her into town—which wasn’t an option I favored. “Don’t be silly, you can’t go now, it’ll be dark soon and the storm is about to hit. Besides, whatever brought you all the way out here must have been important.” I gave her what I hoped was an encouraging smile. “Why don’t you tell me what it is you want with me? I don’t bite.”

Not unless you ask me very nicely, then I might oblige.

My gaze slipped down her slender neck to linger on the swell of her breasts. The soft creamy white flesh rose and fell with her rapid breathing. Her cleavage called on my tongue to plunder its deep cleft. Throbbing heat rushed to my core. Oh, how I ached to rip away the fabric, to strip her bare and feast upon her naked body. I wanted to discover how soft her skin felt under my lips, how sweet she tasted on my tongue, or how she sounded when I ripped an orgasm from that sexy body.

Down girl!

The wild sexual fantasy brewing in my mind was merely the product of a frustrated bitch in heat who needed to think with her brain not her cunt. I made a real effort to pull myself together, to drag my thoughts out of the gutter, and focus on Alice as a person. Her air of fragility played to my butch strengths making me long to hold her tight and protect her from harm. While her natural beauty attracted me on an esthetic plane, the heavy Goth style eye makeup didn’t do a thing to enhance her appearance. In fact, I had to quell a desperate urge to scrub it off and discover what was underneath.

The silence lengthened. A muscle twitched in her cheek and a raft of emotions flitted across her face like storm clouds scudding across the sky. Then she took a deep breath and fixed me with a steady gaze.

“I…I want you to fuck me.”

Oh, my God!

My chest contracted forcing all the air out of my lungs.

Is she serious?

The poor girl must be totally off her head to come here and blurt out such a request with no preamble. Not that the thought of bedding her abhorred me, on the contrary. For the first time in four years, my terminally immune body had woken up. While the embryonic stirrings of sexual desire gave me hope for the future, her unconventional approach made taking advantage of her offer impossible. Despite the lascivious thoughts she engendered, and my compelling sexual needs, I wasn’t a total cad. Well, I tried not to be; but faced with such overwhelming temptation I found myself torn by conflicting emotions.

One voice; the lonely, sex-starved bitch, urged me to give her exactly what she asked for, to grab her with both hands, tie her to my bed and fuck her senseless, while the voice of sanity urged caution. Regretfully, I settled for restraint and refusal. Any other course spelt danger with a capital D leaving me open to God knows what in the way of accusations or claims for sexual assault.

How do I answer her without causing offence?

This situation needed very careful handling. Thanks but no thanks, seemed a little terse. I’m flattered but…too vague. I sighed.

How on earth did one respond effectively to an off the wall request like this?

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