Borders of Worlds

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The Incubator
1 ratings
Drake Glauco and Vernon are about to embark on their biggest adventure yet. They must get the information they need to help complete a new super weapon, a Solar Sound Tunnel, and fast. A weapon that will hopefu MORE...
The Soldier
5 ratings
Drake Glauco, now a successful nourisher and happily joined to Vernon, comes to realize it's time for a Priaxian/human alliance to come to fruition. The joy he has experienced too great for it to not be used to MORE...
The Nourisher
7 ratings
Warning: This book contains male homoerotica. Drake Glauco, a successful lawyer, happily married to Jankin--the man of his dreams--has a perfect lifeā€¦until he comes home one day to find his husband in the ar MORE...