Diary of the Eternal War

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Ripple in Time Eternal
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Zane and Motac are in a desperate situation as the eternals take over Supernova on Twine and prepare to conquer humanity. Not only that, Tink and Zoltan and Mirko are missing in action. Are they all dead? Or wo MORE...
Supernova on Twine
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In the next thrilling episode of the Diary of the Eternal War, Zane and company find themselves heading for Supernova on Twine, humanity’s future defensive space station. The eternals, or time vampires, have ta MORE...
Into Oblivion Falls
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Oblivion Falls is the solar system where the eternals have entered the human realm, bringing their homeworld, Parenthesis, a living crystal planet, with them. It is also Zane and Tink’s first destination after MORE...