Gargolyes of the Cuchulian

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Lebanon's Reunion
4 ratings
Ivan of McDarmund joins the Cuchulian tribe for one reason, to find his mate. He scented him at a Cuchulian wedding ceremony, but now that he’s within the halls of Rostrorod, he only ever catches traces of his MORE...
A Pair for Serena
5 ratings
After over a century of waiting, Serena couldn’t be more thrilled to discover her first mate, except he’s Huzza of the just coming out of hiding McDarmund tribe. Knowing her duty, she leaves her home, her broth MORE...
Mating Kumiko
5 ratings
Graden’s Huzza orders him to meet a psychic who may be able to help them locate the missing McDarmund tribe. He’s pleasantly surprised to discover that the small human is his mate, especially since he’s spent t MORE...
Binding Santos
8 ratings
Santos is a demon, enjoying life as a bachelor and the body of any male that strikes his fancy. But one kiss to Tyron’s lips and he becomes obsessed with the little gargoyle. They strike a deal. Tyron will give MORE...
Claiming Veronica
5 ratings
Veronica learned paranormals were real when a rabid werewolf bit her at age nine, but no one believed her until the elves revealed their existence a decade later. Now years later, Veronica wants nothing to do w MORE...
Chimera's Calling
6 ratings
A crumbling castle was the last place Max expected to find his mate. Maximus, the Huzza of the Cuchulian gargoyle tribe, walked into a trap. He’d planned to get information from a demon, instead, he was atta MORE...