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Forever Angel
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The newly formed Forever Clan, also created by Lord RA to protect the gifted offspring from all who bore him ill, are sworn to protect the new Dhampyre.  Will the now grown up Jax be the one to save the ancient MORE...
Forever Clan
1 ratings
Sunday Rose's soul mate is a vampire. If that isn't difficult enough to deal with, she's pregnant with a child that prophecy states can either help or destroy the vampire race. And there are those that fear eit MORE...
Forever Woman
0 ratings
Dying from an incurable disease, Winter Kennedy wants to become a vampire. After making contact with an ancient vampire of the Pharaoh Clan, she makes the mistake of falling in love with a human. But the vampir MORE...
Forever Man
1 ratings
From Bluewater California to Nome Alaska, Ellie Hightower has made the journey looking for a fresh start. Her new found gifts of telepathy and healing are frightening her, and driving her to want to find a nor MORE...