Galaxy Spy

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Intriguing Mission
Galaxy Spy Kat's second mission is going undercover and find out why gorgeous Gus Baitton's project is such a big secret. Lucky for her, she has fellow spy Jason with her to help out. Pouring all her sexual sp MORE...
Unique Mission
0 ratings
Fresh from the academy, new spy Kat is sent on a mission to the far reaches of the galaxy, to find out if fugitive, Alexander Petroff, is hiding out in a club that caters to specific sexual pleasures. With the MORE...
Mission 2: Darker Things
Galaxy Spy, Carrie has accepted a dark and dangerous assignment; infiltrate a private Gentleman's Club where pleasures are endless, and just about anything goes. With the help of an unexpected friend, she mus MORE...
First Assignment
Newly inducted Galaxy spy, Carrie has just gotten her first assignment; get information on sexy Alexander Petroff. When they meet, the connection is hot and immediate. Will Carrie remember that she is a spy on MORE...
Final Exam
2 ratings
Virgin-268, aka Carrie, has only one more lesson to complete before getting her first assignment. As a Galaxy Spy, all "v's" must first be introduced to the world of sex and learn the art of seduction. Carries MORE...
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