Stockton County Cowboys

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Stockton County Cowboys Box Set (MM)
All five books (and one short story) of R.W. Clinger’s best-selling contemporary western Stockton County Cowboys series combined into one box set for the first time! Contains the stories: Book 1: Chasing Cowbo MORE...
Stockton County Cowboys Book 5: Saddling Cowboys (MM)
Sparks fly when Chip Cutter, the owner of a vacationing spot for rowdy cowboys, enters Dan Fargo’s Saddling Cowboys store, a retail shop that sells the finest saddles in Stockton County. As the heat of the Okl MORE...
Stockton County Cowboys Book 4: Branding Cowboys (MM)
Which eccentric cowboy in Stockton County branded Evan Sting on Shotner Hill, murdering the young man? This is what private eye Joe Boxford asks himself when he's hired by Evan's father Benny to find the murder MORE...
Stockton County Cowboys Book 3: Roping Cowboys (MM)
Artist and former actor turned Midwestern country boy, Dixon Pierce, has fallen head over heels in love with cowboy Gray McKeever at Glock Ranch in Stockton County. The two cowboys plan to get married, with an MORE...
Stockton County Cowboys Book 2: Riding Cowboys (MM)
Cal Hoke, an onsite pretty boy veterinarian at Riding Ranch in Stockton County, Oklahoma, has a secret he will never share with his ranch hand coworkers: he happens to be in love with the ranch owner, Pax Rault MORE...
Stockton County Cowboys Book 1: Chasing Cowboys (MM)
Rugged and sexy Cord Darringer finds himself leaving Stockton County, Oklahoma, for three days when a business meeting for his belt buckle company sends him to Florida. While there, he meets adorable Bradley Hu MORE...
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