The Transgender Collection

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Transfixed on Tammie (FT)
0 ratings
Will a lakeside holiday be the time Nicole discovers Tammie’s secret? When Tammie disappears into the English countryside for a second night running, Nicole can't help but pursue her. Nicole has been painfully MORE...
Being Sarah (MFF)
0 ratings
Being Sarah: A tale of the tormenting of a crossdresser. What would you do if you could pass as a beautiful woman? Wear sexy dresses? Flutter your eyelashes? Flirt? Get down on your knees and submit like a goo MORE...
Meeting Jenna: A Transsexual Erotic Romance
Eighteen year old Jenna has a secret, but when James meets her at a party he has no idea what it is. When they meet there is an instant attraction: they tease each other, they flirt about spanking and James pin MORE...
She is He (MTrans)
1 ratings
Sex has a million variations in our secret erotic lives, and these are just two stories from the secret lives of men. Here are two stories of a transsexual sex worker and her clients. Here are two stories of a MORE...
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