Ladies Most Unlkely

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The Bounce in the Captain's Boots (MF)
When Emma Chance met her best friend's elder brother, she knew instantly that he needed somebody to put the bounce back in his boots. But it couldn't be her, of course. She wouldn't know where to start. Again MORE...
The Danger in Desperate Bonnets (MF)
Melinda Goodheart is a young woman with a vivid imagination and a very determined plan for her future. With no expectation of finding a husband—she's been described as an "ungainly, robust girl with big feet an MORE...
The Trouble with His Lordship's Trousers (MF)
In Regency London, Georgiana Hathaway has no intention of falling into the conventional trap of marriage and motherhood. She has so much more to do with her life, and a few tortuous years at 'The Particular Est MORE...
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