Nick and Jacklyn

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Chosen Brothers
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In Florence Town, people appear to live life without a care in the world. When members of one of the leading families are suspected of building bombs, FBI Agent Nicolas Hayes is sent undercover to investigate. MORE...
Blind Trust
0 ratings
The citizens of Washington, DC, were lucky the bank robbers’ escape truck didn’t explode at the Federal Triangle Station. FBI agents Hayes and Montagna take over the investigation, convinced the MORE...
Famous Murders
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After three murders in the Washington, DC, vicinity, the FBI Agents Hayes and Beckham are assigned to solve the case. Although the murders seem incoherent at first, it becomes clear that there are connections b MORE...
Twisted Mind
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After four murders of young men along the east coast, the FBI realizes they’re dealing with a serial killer. Agent Nicolas Hayes is assigned to lead the investigation. Besides solving the crimes, he tries to sp MORE...