Triple Threat

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That Pushy Kincaid
Steven Kincaid is the last unmarried male in his family…the much-lamented unmarried male. He knows he needs a good woman, but the right one hasn’t come along in his thirty-seven years. Until his new neighbour m MORE...
What JJ Wants
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Six-foot plus, blond Adonis types did not ask Alex on dates. So when JJ Vanzant did just that, it made her suspicious and snippy. What did he—in all his sexy glory—want with a run-down single mother of two who MORE...
Her Protector
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Viv Wilder has a problem. One that her cousin, Steven, thinks he can help solve. Viv’s unwanted suitor is not just making a nuisance of himself, but his behavior is worrying the family. Steven feels that if a v MORE...