Cameron Andrews Mysteries

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Incognito (FF)
DEA Operative Cameron Andrews can finally use her Master’s Degree in International Affairs when she's assigned to help Ambassador John Taylor in Argentina negotiate a trade treaty. But it’s a front for her real MORE...
Out and Beyond (FF)
Cameron Andrews of the Baltimore PD went to prison as part of a deep undercover sting. Having exposed the drug cabal in the prison, she has been released on parole. But before Cam has time to pick up the pieces MORE...
Outside In (FF)
Baltimore Police Detective Cameron Andrews knows her career as an undercover officer for the city's Drug Force is coming to the end of its effectiveness. The head of a federal drug team once gave her his card a MORE...
Bodies Out Back (FF)
CIA Agent Cameron Andrews' new home on the shores of Lake Memphremagog in Vermont seems like the perfect place to live, but when bodies and a meth lab are found in the woods of her property, new problems ar MORE...
Rule #1: Trust No One (FF)
Decorated Baltimore police officer Cameron Andrews played "rogue cop" so she could legally be sent to prison to work undercover to solve a case the DEA hadn't been able to crack. Now that she' MORE...
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