CIA Agent Cameron Andrews' new home on the shores of Lake Memphremagog in Vermont seems like the perfect place to live, but when bodies and a meth lab are found in the woods of her property, new problems arise. Because her land abuts the United States-Canadian border, Cam volunteers to go undercover and investigate what could be an international incident.

Finding drug dealers in Magog, Quebec, isn't hard for someone with a felony record, and one young woman is more than happy to introduce Cam to others in the drug world. But more and more people are asking personal questions, and Cam finds herself making up more lies than ever before.

When police raid the drug house, Cam finds herself in an even worse predicament -- back in jail. Can her team get her out without blowing her cover?

Bodies Out Back (FF)
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"Hey, Andrews, How's it going?" Rosie said when she first walked in.

"Things are fine, I thought. Is something wrong?"

"Ted told me something that happened last night that kind of upset me," Rosie responded.

Cam looked from Rosie to Ted and back.

"Where did you meet that tall blonde I saw you with at the Pizza Palace last night?" he asked.

"I didn't see you there," Cam exclaimed. Why was he asking? What did he know?

"I was sitting out in the car with my girlfriend and we saw you walk in. I said I knew you and Rhonda asked what you were doing with a Mountie!"

"A Mountie?" Cam exclaimed, her eyebrows reaching for the ceiling. Oh God, she'd better be careful what she said. "She's a Mountie?"

"Yup. Where did you meet her?"

"At a party in Montreal." Cam looked from person to person in concern. "She said she was going to be in this area for a month and did I want to get together."

"Rhonda works at the RCMP Station here in Magog and she's seen her come in to teach karate to the officers."

"Holy shit," was Cam's response. Now what? "Is she a Mountie or just a martial arts teacher from Montreal?"

"Rhonda says she's a sergeant."

"Whoa!" Cam took a deep breath and sank down onto the chair in front of Darren's desk.

Darren placed his gun prominently on his desk.

"If we thought you were trying to pull something here, you wouldn't make it home tonight."

"Damn! If I thought I jeopardized any of this I'd blow my own brains out. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I've been through. I've got enough troubles without fucking a Mountie!" Her voice showed her disgust.

"Sorry to ruin your social life," he said.

Cam sat back with a deep frown. "That's okay. She wasn't that good in bed, in fact she may dump me because I was a little too kinky for her taste."

Ted broke out into loud laughter. "You've got to watch yourself. Your hobbies will get you in trouble."

"Oh, my God! I almost offered her some meth."

Cam leaned forward, her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands.

"So where was this party you met her at?" Rosie asked.

"I don't know the address. My friend took me there when I was visiting her right after I'd moved up here. I have a stupid thing for blonds so that's all I looked at. She said she taught karate or something like that and was going to be in this area for a few weeks."

"Was last night the first time you dated her?"

"Yes," Cam answered with a loathing expression. "If I knew it was going to be that bad, I wouldn't have followed up on it." My God! What else do I have to explain to get out of this?

"And your friend didn't warn you about her?"

Cam looked up quickly. "I don't think she knew." Yes, that was a good excuse. "This was a friend of a friend of a friend. She didn't know half the people at the party." Cam took a deep breath. "God! That's the last time I go anywhere with people I don't know!" Come on, Andrews. Think of something. "A Mountie?"

They were all silent for a moment.

"Shit, Damn, fuck," Cam swore as she suddenly sat up straight. "She knows where I live. That's all I need: to have law enforcement here know where I am."

"Haven't you found a permanent place to live yet?"

"Not yet." Cam shook her head. "But there are promising places out there.

"There are some nice apartments that are renting near me," he said. "Some are weekly"

Cam frowned. "I'd rather not get an apartment," she said. "That's too close to other people. I don't want to listen to upstairs neighbors and I don't want people downstairs hearing everything I do."

"I can understand that," Ted commiserated. "Do you have a lease on your place or can you move when you want?"

"It's month to month, so I'm pretty free," was her answer.

"Then I'll keep my ears open for you."

"Thanks." Cam looked up at the three of them. "Thank you, all. I appreciate you telling me. This could have turned into a real disaster."

"That's all right," Rosie said. "At least you found out before you did anything you shouldn't have. Ted, pour her a drink, on me. She looks like she needs one."

"Okay," Ted said as he patted Cam on the back. She sat up and rose to leave.

Darren broke out laughing. "You've got to watch your libido, Andrews. That will get you into more trouble than you'll ever want."

"Tell me about it." Cam nodded and followed Ted back out into the bar.

"What do you think?" Rosie asked Darren when Ted and Cam had left.

"I don't think she knew," he answered. "That reaction was too real. Besides, Preston and Max both think she's okay."

"Yes. No one could be that good an actor."

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